10 best Amazon Prime Movies to watch in 2020

Best Amazon Prime Movies

The Amazon streaming service catalog has some cinematic jewels, both original and licensed, worth seeing. Today we review the best Amazon Prime movies of 2020. Which one is your favorite?

Generally, we are always talking about Netflix as such or HBO … but we cannot forget that the three big streaming platforms were that … three, and that Amazon Prime Video is also on the table that now gets bigger with the Arrival of Disney+, Apple TV + and HBO Max.

While the Amazon Prime Video catalog is usually much more prudent than that of other platforms, that does not prevent Amazon’s streaming service from having good proposals to watch anytime, anywhere.

Today at the mojjo, we review 10 best Amazon Prime movies that we can watch this 2020.

Jurassic Park

10 best Amazon Prime Movies to watch in 2020

One of the film franchises that we can see in Amazon Prime Video this 2020 is that of Jurassic Park. And, like John Hammond, Amazon Prime Video has not noticed expenses to nurture its catalog of great successes.

One of Steven Spielberg’s great films based on Michael Crichton’s book in which a new theme park will feature the breeding of extinct dinosaur species millions of years ago. Of course, greed will make everything go to hell and get brown. Naturally, the Jurassic Park review is available for you to take a look at.

The Wolf of Wall Street

10 best Amazon Prime Movies to watch in 2020

In 2013, Martin Scorsese premiered The Wolf of Wall Street, a film based on the memories of Jordan Belfort that became the moon of the best films of that year, despite the hit that took place at the Oscars.

Leonardo DiCaprio gives life to Jordan Belfort, a Wall Street stockbroker who will reach unimaginable levels of corruption that will lead him to a self-destructing spiral to which he must put a brake … if he can. Check out our review of The Wolf of Wall Street on the web.

Green book

10 best Amazon Prime Movies to watch in 2020

We start with the great winner of the 2019 Oscars: Green Book. This film is starring Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen recreating a story based on real events of the most hopeful while reminding us of a very murky past.

Set in the 60s, Green Book tells us the story of an African-American pianist who hires an Italian-American chauffeur and bodyguard to accompany him on a tour of the southern United States at a time when racism was still well known. You can take a look at our review of Green Book on the web. If you have not seen it, you are taking it, since it is possibly the best Amazon Prime Video movie right now.

Terminator 2: The Final Judgment

Today, few people have to deny that one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best works in the cinema was Terminator 2: The Final Judgment, the sequel to the successful Terminator film directed by James Cameron.

In Amazon Prime Video we can see how the T-800 and John Connor become colleagues while fleeing with Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) of a ruthless T-1000 (Robert Patrick) who has been sent to hunt the young man before he leads to the resistance of humanity to machines. Feel free to take a look at our review of Terminator 2: The Final Judgment.

The Upside

One of the best original Amazon Prime Video movies on our list is The Upside, the 2017 remake of the French movie Intocable. Byan Cranston ( Breaking Bad ) and Kevin Hart ( Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle ) star in the film.

An uprooted African American becomes the lifesaver of a quadriplegic man who every day has less desire to live. Naturally, despite its cast, the French film is at a much higher level than this Americanized remake.

John Wick 3: Parabellum

10 best Amazon Prime Movies to watch in 2020

Keanu Reeves is living a second youth thanks in large part to his John Wick movies, in which he plays a deadly murderer who just wants to leave his past behind and be allowed to live with his wife and dog.

Unfortunately for John things were not as he wanted, and in John Wick 3: Parabellum, the riot will have reached levels that require equitable distribution of bullets and beatings. You can see the criticism of John Wick: 3: Parabellum on the web, but watch out for pencils.

Brittany Runs to Marathon

The second original Amazon Prime Video movie on our list is Brittany runs a Marathon, a dramatic comedy in which an overweight woman intends to get fit so she can run the annual marathon that takes place in New York City.

In charge of the production of Brittany Runs to Marathon we find a familiar face: Tobey Maguire, known here by many for having played Spider-Man in the Sam Raimi films of Marvel’s climber.

The man of steel

In 2013, Zack Snyder dared with a new version of one of the best-known comic book characters in history: Superman. Thus was born The Man of Steel, the film starring Henry Cavill as Kal-El, also known here on Earth as Clark Kent.

After being sent to Earth from the dying planet of Krypton, Kal-El must discover who he really is and decide how to use the powers granted by exposure to the yellow sun of the Solar System. The critic of The Man of Steel is on the web in case the bug bites you before putting it on Amazon Prime Video.

Return to the future

Another of the great franchises and one of the best movies we can find in the Amazon Prime Video catalog in 2020 is the Back to the Future saga. Robert Zemeckis offered us a journey through time aboard a DeLorean in the 80s and became one of the greatest representations of pop culture.

Back to the Future tells us the story of Marty McFly, a young man from high school who will travel back in time to the 50s thanks to a time machine created by Dr. Emmett Brown fleeing some assailants. The thing did not improve when it arrived in the middle of the 20th century. Essential reading is the criticism of Back to the Future.

The report

And we finish with our review of the best movies that we can find in Amazon Prime Video with another of the original films of the platform: The Report. Adam Driver has done much more than bring Kylo Ren to life in these years.

The Report is a political film in which a member of the staff of the United States Senate must investigate the performance of the CIA around its “detention and interrogation program”, when it discovers that it is not doing well, it is that the truth is known. But the CIA and the White House have other plans.

With this, we finished our review of the best Amazon Prime movies to watch in 2020. As always, there are many more than the ten that we recommend, so it is always worth taking a look at the catalog of the platform to see if we find any more jewel, which there are.