10 Black Widow Easter Eggs You Missed In The Teaser Trailer

Black Widow Trailer Easter Eggs

The new teaser trailer for Black Widow has just dropped. It has been too long and I’m pumped that will finally be getting this Black Widow film in May of 2020.

The trailer is full of little hints of what the film is about and some Easter eggs that might give us some incite in regards to exactly where and when everything is happening. we’ll be taking a look at some of these little Easter eggs as we count down the top 10 Black Widow Teaser Trailer Easter eggs that you might have missed.

1. Budapest

The oft-referenced Budapest adventures of Hawkeye and Black Widow may finally be revealed in this film. The opening shot shows us the famed city of Budapest itself. That monument you see, near the center of the frame, is known as the Liberty Statue or Freedom Statue.

It was erected in Budapest in 1947 and acts as a reminder of those who sacrificed themselves in World War 2 to free Hungary from a Nazi occupation. Oddly enough the “Soviet heroes” were the ones recognized in regards to this liberation, so already even in the first shot, we are seeing a Russian tie in.

As a little historical add on, Hungary would later revolt against the Soviets so the statue no longer stands to represent what it was built for but instead stands in acknowledgment of all who died during Hungary’s fight to be independent and free.

2. Hairstyle

We’ve seen Black Widow sport quite a few different hairstyles which can be a great indication when it comes to us trying to figure out where in the timeline things are supposed to happen. Though also hairstyles used a timeline measures have also led us fans astray.

The Black Widow film is said to take place in between the events of the Civil War and the Infinity War. In the Civil War, we saw Black Widow rocking her more iconic style of longish red locks worn down. In Infinity War, Black Widow was rocking a new do, with shorter blonde hair.

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And In fact, she looked a little bit like another person we see in this film, Yelena Belova, Black Widow’s rival in the comics but frenemy/sister in the MCU. Many think the change in Black Widow’s hair happens in memory of Yelena who we may see pass away.

Or is it possible that we’ll see some kind of weird kind of tech in the Red Room? That will cause Yelena to swap bodies with Black Widow so she can take her place. And the twist was that Yelena was a villain after all!

3. Varga Es Tarsa

In the trailer, Ross appears to go on to ask Natasha, “so what are you going to do?” Natasha appears to respond that she is ready to confront her past. To me this entire and what they chose to overlay it with in terms of visuals hints at a lot. During Ross’ line, we see a bunch of trucks and what appears to be a clean-shaven Thaddeus Ross.

Perhaps he is involved somewhere in Natasha’s past as opposed to her future as her response would imply. And the fact that he is clean-shaven, which is not how we normally see him. He is standing in from of a bunch of trucks. One appears to have Hungarian on them that reads Varga Es Tarsa.

Forgive my pronunciation. When translating these words mean something pretty dark. I’m not sure what it means in the greater scheme of the film but it gave me chills. The phrase in English translates to “Woe to you.”

4. Thaddeus Ross

The trailer makes it look like Nat will be helping out her Russian comrades in this film by helping them to take down Taskmaster and perhaps even take on the Red Room as we’ve seen Natasha do before in the comics.

But why is she there? Or more importantly what does she end up doing?

We know that she is on the run as this film takes place in the gap between the Civil War and Infinity War, but what is she running towards? In the film, we hear the voice of William Hurt who plays Thaddeus Ross in the MCU state,

“I heard you had to leave in a hurry.” To which Natasha appears to respond, “It’s never easy these days.”

Though who knows if this dialogue will actually be kept together in the film or actually be miles apart. It could just be some tricksy edits-es.

There has been a huge gap in Ross’ timeline in the MCU that this film could help fill, if he is the one somehow employing Natasha and her fellow Russians to help him with something. Last we would have seen of Ross’ character would have been in the post-credits scene for Incredible Hulk.

5. Matching Outfits?

There is a scene where Yelena, Melina, Natasha and David Harbour’s character are all gathered around a dinner table. In it, you might notice a very familiar piece of clothing that Yelena is wearing. Her vest looks to be identical to the one Black Widow wore in Avengers Infinity War.

What does this mean? Probably that at some point we’ll see it borrowed or passed onto Natasha. It could be a memento that Natasha carries around to remind her of her “sister” or it
could be to remind her of something darker when it comes to who to trust should Yelena betray her.

I think it’s most likely that we may see Yelena die in this film and that the vest will be passed on to Natasha as a reminder of her. Either that or they just happen to own the same vest.

6. Flashbacks

While going to Budapest implies flashbacks, to me it didn’t quite confirm it. However later in the trailer, we see Nat traveling around in what appears to be some kind of RV. As we watch the landscape pass by through the window, Nat’s voice over states, “I’ve lived a lot of lives.”

We see her sorting through false IDs and on the table appears to be a stack of passports. The key part in this shot though that signified to me that the film will take place in more then just the part of the timeline specified was the radio.

You can see what looks like a boombox in the corner of the shot which would appear to date whatever is going on considerably. It could be possible we will get to see more of Natasha from before she even defected to the US.

7. Melina Vostokoff

Strange that Black Widow seems to be teaming up with so many of her enemies in this teaser trailer. Rachel Weisz is set to play the role of Melina Vostokoff which comic book fans may know is also the villain, Iron Maiden.

Melina was forced to go through the Red Room’s training program multiple times. In the comics, she is compared unfavorably to Black Widow which causes her to grow to hate Natasha, leave Russia and later try to kill the Black Widow.

However, in this film, she appears to be a part of some strange Red Room adoptive family and even can be seen seemingly fighting alongside Black Widow and Yelena as the three struggle to hold on to a collapsing column. At least it looks like they are working together.

8. Red Guardian

Red Guardian

David Harbour appears in the trailer and we see him don the Red Guardian suit, implying that he is Alexi Shostakov. IMDB confirms this as his character name is the same, Alexei Shotaskov / Red Guardian.

For those who don’t know, Red Guardian was trained by the KGB to be the Soviet Union’s version of Captain America. Before that, he was a soldier who Natasha fell in love with and married. That’s right, he was Black Widow’s husband.

In fact, one version of the story goes that Natasha or Natalia as she was known actually was inspired by Alexi’s death into serving her country, who immediately took her up on the offer and trained her into becoming the spy we know as Black Widow. And no, she was not a child when this happened.

What did she do before becoming a spy?

She was a ballerina, in this story. The MCU will likely update this story and who knows if Alexi will remain one of her love interests or not. I actually get far more of Ivan Petrovich vibe from her, Black Widow’s father figure in the comic.

9. Back to where it all started

In the trailer, there is a voice-over that is cut together visually with a bunch of different fights as well shots of Black Widows companions including Red Guardian, Melina, and Yelena. She says,

“We have unfinished business.
We have to go back to where it all started.”

During all these fast cuts we get a glimpse of what appears to be trainees in the Red Room as well as what looks like it could be the Red Room control center.

If could be that the MCU version of Black Widow is going after the Red Room in this film as her comic book counterpart did with the new Red Room recently after she found out that they had multiple clones of her and others who had trained there.

She even worked with other clones to do so, namely the clone of comic book Yelena Belova and Anya.

10. Light vs Dark

Black Widow Trailer Easter Eggs

There’s a lot of play on light and dark in this video which might help to symbolize Black Widow’s redemption, especially when it comes to the outfits Natasha wears. But we could also use this motif to help indicate her other companion’s true alignment.

Assuming we’re going with the light is good and dark is evil schtick, it’s likely that Black Widow wears her white suit during the climax of the film, on her journey for redemption and looking to wipe out her past mistakes, perhaps by destroying the Red Room.

Yelena seems to always be wearing black and white or grey in the film which could mean her character is both somewhat good, somewhat bad, or unreadable. Whereas Melina is only seen in black, meaning she could betray her teammates and be the secret identity behind the villain Taskmaster.

You might have also noticed the cut right to Melina after showing Taskmaster with a light shining from behind her. It seems a little suspicious.