10 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed In Spider Man Into The SpiderVerse

10 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed In Spider Man Into The SpiderVerse

Dr. Octavius

In one of the quick comic book stip panels that we get to see while Peter is narrating his story to catch the viewers up we can see a very iconic Spider-Man image from the cover of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 movie Now Otto doesn’t appear in this movie we do get to meet Dr. Olivia Octavius who helps Wilson Fisk take down the Spiders entering their universe.

The Nostalgia

They do a brilliant job in this movie of opening things up with a narration by Peter Parker which is an easter egg if you remember how Sam Raimi’s first spider-man movie opened.

They also include several other very nostalgic easter eggs such as the Spider Biting Miles hand on the same spot as Peter Parker to give him his powers, the infamous train rescue scene, the upside-down kiss with Mary Jane and even the scene from Spider-man 2 where the car comes crashing through the window.

Ben-Day Dots

Now I’m sure most of you already know that this movie was Sonys attempt at bringing a comic book to life on the big screen and in my opinion they absolutely nailed it setting a whole new bar for future films.

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Included in the film that can be easily missed is the use of Ben-Day dots which are optical illusions used to color comic books for years.

The Street Dance

They also include the famous dance that Toby McGuires Spider-Man does in Spider-Man 3 when he turns evil The moment the animated movie shows off Peter Parker joyfully dancing down the street keep your eyes out for the classic finger gun points dance and spin. Its a great callback to that so-so movie.

Christmas Album

The Christmas album that Peter mentions in the movie and trailers is a reference to the real-life record called Spider-Man Rock Reflections of a superhero The album made in 1975 by Lifesong Records is a rock opera concept album which is a pretty obscure piece of Spider-Man memorabilia, but we still appreciate the nod.

Even the fake song titles for Spideys Christmas album is hilarious and very Deadpool esque. Especially Spidey, It’s cold outside which I bet when making they didn’t expect Baby, it’s cold outside to come under so much recent controversy.

Staying True

Right down to every last detail of the first comic book where Miles Morales the teenager from Brooklyn becomes the new Spider-Man.In the original title – Miles Morales The Ultimate Spider-Man #1.

Miles takes on the mantle of Spider-Man after his universes Peter Parker suddenly dies and SPOILER ALERT – He dies in this movie as well, resulting in Miles having to seek the help of a different universes Peter Parker to train him.

The Death of a Friend

When Spider-Gwen is talking about losing her friend Peter Parker it shows her over top of him in a similar fashion to how Gwen Stacy dies in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 This easter egg is quick, but considering the reverse
of roles in Spider-Gwen’s universe, it makes sense that Peter would suffer the same fate that Gwen did.

Spider Cave

The Spider lair is very similar to that of a bat cave. You see different Spider-vehicles, and along the back wall of the different Spider-Man suits. Which holds a ton of easter eggs, One of the costumes is the Advanced suit from the PS4 game, another is actually from an episode of Ultimate Spider-Man where he throws on Dr. Strange’s cloak for a while Theres another two suits with the one on the right looking similar to the Secret War spider-man and the one on the left being the Spider-Man Electro-Proof suit You can also spot the stealth suit or as its better known the Big Time Costume which can be spotted by seeing those big neon green eyes and to the left of that is the Spider-Man Dusk outfit.

Madame Web

That’s right nerd squad although not officially referred to as Madame Web in the film, Miles version of Aunt May in undeniably Madame Web. When Miles, Spider-Gwen and the more out of shape Peter Parker comes to Aunt Mays home for help she leads them to a shed out back which turns out to be the secret spider lair.

Once inside she introduces them to the rest of the Spider-Verse who came to her home also seeking assistance to get back to their realities.Madame Web was a mentor to Peter and she seems to already be schooled in how to return balance to the multiverse.

Black Panther

At the end of the second trailer for Spider-Man into the Spider-verse, we see Miles perched on top of a panther statue head and strikes a pose very similar to that of King TChalla in Black Panther. Paying full homage to the famous Marvel Studios marketing for Black Panther.