10 Marvel worst villains

10 Marvel's worst villains

Marvel has many villains with unique skills and designs, but that does not mean that everyone is good, as there are several of them that are very strange and have not received much attention from fans for obvious reasons. These characters do not have a good story plot, their powers are not so useful as to make history and the designs of their outfits are not well structured.

It should be noted that most of these villains only appeared rarely in the comics because they were not difficult to catch for superheroes, for that reason they are considered as secondary in history. Next, we leave each of them explaining why they are considered the worst villains in the Marvel universe.


10 Marvel worst villains

The villain Mandrill has this name for obvious reasons, and its design is based mainly on the species of Catarrino primate of the Cercopithecidae family that could be seen for the first time in Shanna the She-Devil #4 of 1973.

Her real name is Jerome Beechman, and she looks so strange because when she was in her mother’s womb she was exposed to a lot of radiation when a nuclear reactor exploded near her. A year later he was born with black skin without having African descent, beautiful in the whole body and strange features on his face, this made Jerome despised by his family and at age 10 he was abandoned by his father in the desert of New Mexico.

Because of this, he is born a hatred towards humanity, and in his teens, he discovers that he has the ability to control women with his pheromones, which makes them work for him and that they themselves face their enemies against their will.


10 Marvel worst villains

He made his first appearance in Daredevil #5 of 1964, his real name is Manuel Eloganto, he is a Spaniard who was dedicated to being a bullfighter, was fired for mistreating animals at work and after that, he decided to dedicate himself to crime robbing banks in several parts of New York. His abilities were to use the sword with experienced movements and throw his bullfighter cloak at his enemies or cars to stop them.

This villain had the opportunity to face Daredevil in his beginnings, but the fight was argued in an illogical way since the bullfighter defeats Daredevil by throwing his cloak so that he does not see, but the power of Daredevil is his super senses, so despite everything, at that moment he could see. Later the Matador is caught by the hero without much trouble and then he was imprisoned.

Turner D Century

10 Marvel worst villains

Clifford F. Michaels, a character who first appeared in Spider-Woman #33 of 1980, is a villain who has a hatred of society due to the misconduct of young people because they think they are the reason for the degeneration of manners and customs.

He does not have any human skills, he only has the ability to invent things to use in his criminal acts, such as the machine that kills people under 65 who did not work well, a flamethrower umbrella and a flying bicycle, things that actually They were not very useful to deal with Spider-Woman.

Asbestos Lady

10 Marvel worst villains

In the early Marvel comics, where Jim Hammond’s Human Torch (not the fantastic 4) made his first appearance in Marvel Comics #1 and is considered the first superhero created by the company.

This superhero, of course, had his villain, which in this case, was a woman named Victoria Murdock by the name of Asbestos Lady of Human Torch Comics # 27 of 1947, who made an asbestos suit to resist the heat when she faced the Human Torch, but this did not work very well, since some time later it was confirmed that this material gave cancer, and for that same reason it was concluded that the villain suffered from this disease that later ended her life.

Armless Tiger Man

Have you ever imagined a Marvel character without arms? As Armless Tiger Man is a reality, he made his first appearance in Marvel Mystery Comics #26 of 1940, his story focuses on how he lost his arms in a job with heavy machinery, which caused him to lose his sanity causing him to sharpen his teeth to become a cannibal who would then develop skills and strength in his teeth and legs to be a Nazi villain.

Egg head

That this villain has the name of “Egg Head” was one of the reasons why he was not taken seriously during his appearance in Tales to Astonish #39 of 1959. The character despite being called Elihas Starr, had the appearance of his nickname, was a scientist who was looking for the formula to not grow old and who also repeatedly made life impossible for Ant-Man with the obsession of the discovery of Hank Pym. Later in an encounter with Hawkeye, the Egghead received an arrow before he fired his weapon, thus ending his life.

Leap Frog

After Marvel saw the success of the characters with animal-based skills, such as Rhino and Dr. Connor, they created Leap Frog, a villain with the real name that invents shoes that allow him to jump very high and that he himself It resembles a frog, creating a suit inspired by this animal to be recognized as Leap Frog.

He appeared for the first time in Daredevil vol. 1# 25 of 1967, but his career as a villain did not last long, since he was not so intelligent creating his plans and was very easy to catch, in the end, he ends up imprisoned without attracting the attention of many people.


Also known as “La Babosa,” it is a mutant named Ulysses X. Lugman who first appeared in Captain America #325 of 1987. He is a drug lord and criminal who controls part of Miami, his main ability is to stay alive in the obese condition he is in, that is, he can eat everything he wants in abundant quantities without having to worry about his health, although he also uses his belly to suffocate his victims.


Typeface or “Letter Face” first came to the comics in Peter Parker: Spider-Man vol. 2# 23 of 2000, is a former military man named Gordon Thomas who loses his brother in the war and is later abandoned by his family.

This caused him a trauma that made him a psychopath who sticks letters all over his body for no reason, then goes on to do the crime all over the city, but when he meets Spider-Man, he gives him the advice that He dedicated himself to doing good by being a watchman, and the villain simply accepted it because he remembered his brother’s words, “Just live, man.”

Stilt man

He is one of Marvel’s most shameful villains, was incorporated in Daredevil #8 of 1965, Wilbur Day is a thief steals hydraulic accessories that allow him to grow 250 feet and walk 30 miles per hour and calls himself “The Zancudo”, but when he wears the suit, he is unable to completely control his stability, which also makes him a disadvantage for him. It should be noted that he is considered an incompetent and unintelligent villain because all his plans fail quickly.