10 Scary Facts About Area 51

Facts About Area 51

If you plan on raiding area 51 youre gonna have to go in there with a bit more knowledge. And I think there are aliens in there. Preparation, research, and foolproof plan are key to my friends. I feel like everyone knows small bits and bobs about area 51 or they think they do, so I think you guys are gonna need this article.

Landing Strip

Area 51 Facts

We can thank Google Earth images for this mpe. Back in 2016, it revealed a strange mile-long landing strip located in Area 6 which is about 12 miles northeast of Area 51. Theres also a cluster of hangars at the end of the runway which is quite odd and if you don’t know a hangar is a building that houses aircraft. No one knows what is being tested there and why the hell they have a mile-long runway. This is Maybe the fully-functioning alien airport.

Secrets Kill

Area 51 Facts

In 1994 the US Air Force and EPA were sued by the widows of Walter Kasza and Robert Frost. The two contractors died while working at Area 51 because they were present when massive quantities of unknown chemicals were being burned in open pits at Groom.

The men were never told what the chemicals were, they weren’t even allowed to bring gas masks from home or any external equipment. They sustained liver, skin and respiratory injuries and that soon led to their deaths. Biochemists analyzing the men’s biopsies found high levels of industrial toxins in their tissue that are rarely ever seen in humans.

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Of course, the women lost the case because President Clinton made Area 51 exempt from all environmental disclosure laws and because the government never actually had to reveal what the chemicals were so the case had insufficient evidence.

I find this so unfair it’s like the case with the population of Chernobyl like the people have to know what they’re being exposed to what they’ve gotten into so they can make their own informed decisions. You can’t just put peoples lives on the line.

Paradise Ranch

Facts About Area 51

So, of course, there are a number of employees that work at area 51. Regardless of how high up you were or how much you enjoyed your job, licnig ni the middle of nowhere in the desert is boring. During its heyday when it was a testing site for the U-2 aircraft an engineer called Kelly Johnson tried to rebrand the area to try and convince more government workers to move there with their families so he came up with Paradise Ranch.

Far from paradise, it was actually just an area filled with rows of trailers for families to live in. that is literally it. No amenities even, I mean at least build a grocery store or a pool. I don’t know how they named it Paradise Ranch, that’s the biggest fake news if you ask me. Either way, clearly the ghost town trailer area remained a ghost town trailer area.

Employee Route

Facts of Area 51

This is one of the most secret places in the world, the contractors there don’t know what materials they’re working with, no civilian has ever been inside, presidents in the past have even requested to know more like the place is an enigma. And if you thought the employees working there would at least have the real tea, well youre half wrong again. National security wanted to make 100% sure Area 51s employees wouldnt ever be able to make it work without a roadmap so they came up with a plan.

Workers show up to a certain spot in Las Vegas every day and actually get flown into work os they can’t remember how to get there. Forget the employees they had to minimize other peoples suspicion and curiosities as well, employees could easily be followed so they prevented it completely. Imagine being flown into work every day. Usually, id says what life but in this case, I’m not too sure. And to top it all off all employees are paid in cash only and have to sign their receipt with a fake name since they/re part of a black project.

The Picture

Area 51 Picture

There are barely any aerial pictures of Area 51 at all and in 1974 astronauts on Skylab 4 were taking pictures of Earth for a larger project and they happened to take a picture of Area 51. You can’t even see anything in the picture but the lake and terrain but soon after a memo went around to them saying they had specific instructions to not do this and that this was the only location which had such an instruction. They want to keep this so under wraps, the CIA considers area 51 to be the most sensitive spot on Earth. So apparently now we can’t even take pictures of it from space.



Before the site was gained all this fame with Area 51 it was actually called Dreamland. I only know of one other dreamland and its a water park, not an alien conspiracy site. When it was dreamland there weren’t all these spooky freaky stories surrounding it.

It didn’t make people run for the hills as it does now. It was initially called Dreamland because it was meant to be a quiet place where workers could do their job, mind their own business and not be called out for being aliens.

I don’t know whose idea it was to call it dreamland, maybe they thought all their dreams would come true if they got all these military jets right or these nuclear weapons or if they dominated another planet idk. That’s why they did all this testing right? But even that I still don’t see the link between military training and aircraft testing and dreamland.

The Fire

Tom DeLonge

Most of you know Tom DeLonge as the lead singer of Blink-182 but what you may not know is that he’s now an alien hunter. A few years ago he went camping near Area 51 and things got real. During one night he woke up at around 3 am and his body felt weird.

It felt like static electricity was coursing through it and when he finally opened his eyes he realized the fire was still going and there seemed to be noises coming from outside his tent. And it wasn’t just one sound it sounded like it was coming from 20 people. Immediately he was thinking right I’m about to get abducted, here they are, they’re not gonna hurt me they’re just gonna talk shit.

He tried to listen in on what they were saying but he coincidentally passed out and woke up to find he had no idea what had happened in the last 3 hours. Having done a ton of research on the topic Tom knew this chatter was involved in very alien contact or abduction story, so I mean he was THIS close.

The Humming

The Humming

Back in 1965, Charlie Arrendale was working as a security guard at a mine near area 51 and on 2 consecutive nights, he was told to shoot anything he saw on sight. He and a few other guards were driven to another airstrip and told to guard it. The first night they all heard a weird almost muted humming sound for half an hour and when the sound stopped, their shifts ended as well.

But as they were leaving they saw a huge circular camouflaged tent on the runway surrounded by armed troops with their backs to it. The net night they heard the sound again but this time the tent was nowhere to be found.

Now I cant confirm what Charlie saw because I wasn’t there but I feel like he was bussed to the mile-long airstrip also known as the functioning alien airport and where to and told to protect the vessel as well as potentially kill anyone or anything that comes off it.

The Battle

The Battle

Hold on because it’s definitely not the battle youre thinking of. The Sheahan family has owned Groom Mine which is a segment of area 51 for more than 125 years. The US Air Force has been trying to buy the land off them for a very long time offering them 5.2 million dollars for more than 400 acres. They’re adamant on kicking them out because even though they’ve been escorting the family into space for decades, they can no longer ensure their safety.

The base runs 24/7 and sometimes they even cancel missions when the family comes out which stopped being financially viable. On the other side, the family claimed its not the tests that pose a threat its the military themselves.

Bullets were even fired around their property in the 40s in an attempt to get them to leave. Family members have been held at gunpoint on their own a property which the Air Force denies and the family even tried to sue them but ran out of money. They no longer own the land that generations had worked so hard to obtain and I think that puts into perspective that when area 51 is concerned, anything goes.

BBC Invasion

BBC Invasion

Breaking into area 51 can end up in many ways, 1) the camo dudes can just shoot you, 2) you get fined 1000$ and go to jail for 6 months, or 3) they sacrifice you to the aliens because you’ve seen too much. Never thought jail would sound good until now. Either way, this team of journalists from BBC learned this the hard way when in 2012 they broke into the site looking for a juicy story.

After filming for around 30 minutes one of the crewmen knocked on a door and 8 camo dudes which are their official name btw, came out with assault rifles and forced the crew to the ground. They all had to lie face down with guns to their backs for 3 hours until the sheriff came.

All their phones, film equipment, microphones everything was taken away from them and that’s not even the worst part. Amongst the many threats the crew received, one was exceptionally scary. ‘Son we could make you disappear and your body will never be found’. And I don’t doubt that for a single second.