10 Scary Fortnite Myths

Fortnite Myths

A game as massive and populated as Fortnite and its battle royale mode are bound to stir up some chatter about hacks and myths. We’re talking those rumors about things players claim they’ve pulled off in matches, or secrets they’ve uncovered. And usually, if you’ve tried to test one of those rumors, there’s a good chance that it didn’t work out the way you wanted it to.

We’re taking a closer look at that chatter with our 10 scary fortnite myths, addressing which ones are true, and which ones are flat out fake.

Emote Hitboxes

Fortnite Emotes Hitboxes

Riffing off of our last number, there’s also a common belief that the hitboxes on emotes are drastically different from one another. And, to be fair, it is different than the regular hitbox situation. For example, the Flippin Sexy emote is notorious for being great at dodging bullets. The thing is, it all comes down to the movement.

Think of it as the emote dancing being similar to if you were running – the hitboxes move with your character, meaning unless you’re really amazing at timing your emotes, it’s not likely that you’ll be able to use them as a means of defense. Sure, there’s a decent chance you could get lucky, like with the Flippin Sexy emote, but it’s not necessarily something to rely on.

Fall Damage

Fortnite Fall Damage

Fall damage is something that has, at one point or another plagued us all. It’s hard to determine how much damage you’ll be dished out (unless you’re falling from a very obviously high height), but often, some believe that the can negate the damage by trying to slide down a slope or roll when they hit the ground. This is half true.

Because falling can be incredibly imprecise, and entirely dependent on where exactly on the map this occurs, there can often be variations in damage, even if two players are falling and sliding down a slope right next to each other.

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So sure, you can attempt these tricks, but the odds aren’t in your favor. You’ll like to sustain some amount of damage. Generally, light brown earthy slopes seem to be the easiest surfaces to avoid large amounts of damage on.

Fortnite Makes Children Violent

Fortnite Makes Children Violent

Ever since gore and violence were simulated in video games, there has always been someone, somewhere, getting uptight about the negative effects that the medium has on the minds of our young ones.

An argument of many anti-Fornite parents and school administrators is that the battle royale promotes violence amongst younger players, who make up a large demographic of the players in the title. There is no scientific evidence that proves Fortnite causes violent side effects in a younger player.

Destructive behavior

Destructive behavior

There’s a common myth that destroying the entirety of an object will remove it from the map. For example, one of these believed things was Wailing Woods; if you destroyed all of the trees within the woods, there was a rumor that it would be removed from the map.

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Others believed that if you removed the nightclubs from the map, their music would stop playing. This is false. The in-game map you see is static, it doesn’t change, so removing all of Wailing Woods would not make it disappear from the said map. And the music is an in-game sound, although we do think it would be cool that if the nightclubs were destroyed the music also would stop.

The One Shield Glitch

Fortine Shield Glitch

Back in 2018, there was a glitch in the game known as the one shield glitch. It’s a visual glitch that occurs when you take heavy damage and your shield is broken. You start taking damage despite your hud saying that you have one shield one point left.

There was a myth surrounding this glitch that on occasion, it would prevent you from taking any damage at all, and allow you to have an unlimited shield for the rest of the game. That’s not the case, unfortunately.



There are a whole lot of different skins in Fortnite. Some of them are physically larger than others, having features like wings, hats, you name it. This has caused speculation as to whether or not those skins that take up more physical space or are more physically imposing have a larger hitbox.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a hitbox is an invisible shape in video games that detects collision. For example, if you shoot at a player in fortnite, and strike within that hitbox, you’ll injure them. Think of how VATS works in the Fallout games; striking certain hitboxes often results in varying amounts of damage. Anywho, the hitboxes are the same size regardless of whether or not a skin looks larger.

Spawn Island

Fortnite  Myths

Back when shopping carts were in the game, players found a glitch in the game that allowed them to use the shopping carts to access spawn the island, the pre-game lobby that players are dropped into before they get on the battle bus and their match begins.

After the match begins, the island is entirely inaccessible. But some players discovered that they could get back on the island if they built a large structure, a long bridge, angled it as a downward ramp with a sharp upward incline at its end, and then used a shopping cart on it, and carefully aimed for the island. Needless to say, this is something that can no longer be done.

Bonus Llamas

Bonus Llamas

Everyone loves getting a llama. It’s rare to stumble upon a llama, so it makes sense that so many players would believe that this myth was true. According to this rumor, if you get three llamas in one match, you’ll earn yourself a special bonus llama.

Considering its next to impossible to collect all three llamas in one match, some people have actually done it before. But really, all that player is rewarded with is the advantage of having a ton of building materials.

Running Speeds

Running Speeds

There is a myth that depending on what weapon you have equipped, your character will run at varying speeds. The bigger the weapon, the slower your character moves, although the difference between that and regular speed is minimal.

Yet some believe that slight disparity can make or break a match. Turns out though, this is a myth that is simply that; it’s not true. It doesn’t matter what weapon you have in your hands, or if you have no weapon equipped.

All player characters run at exactly the same speed. Some players believe this myth was spawned thanks to Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, where holding weapons actually can slow a player down.

Land Faster

Land Faster

This is a myth that’s been kicking around ever since the battle royale mode of the game came out. If you search up any Fornite hacks, tips or tricks, it’s very likely you’ll find this as one of the topics of discussion; how to land faster after you jump out of the battle bus.

Typically, when you jump out, you’ll fall at a fast rate, and a little way before you hit the ground, your glider will open up, gently guiding you to the ground below. If you are above a mountain or another escalated part of ground though, your glider will open up much sooner.