10 Worst Marvel Video Games

Marvel Video Games

Marvel has created a beloved cinematic universe the MCU and also has a long comic book history but Marvel also makes video games.

These Marvel Games vary in quality to the successful heights of Spider-man to the failure of movie tie ins such as Wolverine Origins.

Find out which are the worst Marvel video games here with our list of the Top 10 Worst Marvel Games

Thor God of Thunder

10 Worst Marvel Games

Much like the importance of the first Iron Man film, the first Thor movie was an extremely important piece to set up the MCU. Although the money-hungry gaming studios failed to capitalize properly on a game that was meant to follow the same storyline.

Its often referred to as mediocre at best which could be attributed to the convoluted story that left players ultimately lost. Which is great if lost in this sent meant immersed, but it quite literally meant lost, as in I have no idea what I’m supposed to do here.

The camera angles were annoying to deal with and combat felt overly stiff for no apparent reason. All in all this video game should have stayed on Asgard when it was destroyed.

Iron Man 2

10 Worst Marvel Games

This awful video game is the child of the even more disappointing film Iron Man 2. While the first film is said to be the kickoff for what would become the intertwined MCU the second film did not add much to the story of Iron Man.

When it came to the video game its as if they put in less effort than the movie. The graphics were mediocre at best and the missions felt like they were made for a toddler.

It was just far too easy of a game to play and with a weak combat system, there was nothing that got people excited to play the game. The fact that you could switch between Iron Man and War Machine was a decent concept, but in reality, there was no difference other than appearance.

The Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga

Perhaps the most ironic part about this awful video game is that it was developed by a company called Attention to Detail. If you’ve ever played The Pantheon Sage you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

For a game solely based on the Hulk, you’d think they would have paid attention to the detail on the Hulk himself. Yet for whatever reason, he looks like if the not so jolly green giant.

Even more frustrating than the lack of attention to the MAIN character has to be the backdrop of the whole game. It’s 3D rendered which is a great start, but every object is clearly two dimensional which causes headaches for no reason. Not to mention its a notoriously easy game to play through that even a child would be bored by it.


10 Worst Marvel Games

To be fair this game was released for the NES in 1991 and as a result, has a story that’s more interesting than the actual gameplay itself. The creativity was there, but the technology at the time just wasn’t able to follow through

It’s your typical clunky side-scrolling platform game where Wolverine is attempting to defeat the enemies who trapped him on an island all while avoiding various traps.

Even at the time of its release through the game received negative reviews. It wasn’t for another two decades with the release of X-Men Origins that Wolverine could finally, redeem himself in the eyes of Marvel video game fans.

The Uncanny X-Men

Often referred to as Marvels X-Men we bet this is one game they really want to distance themselves from. Released in 1989 for the NES The Uncanny X-Men was a huge let down for fans and looked even worse on developer LJN.

The in-game characters a squashed down to an ant-sized level which makes them nearly impossible to identify. It also had this above camera angle which was supposed to imitate the same style many games were using at the time but combined with the odd choice of backgrounds its more of an eyesore than anything else

Not to mention the game is primarily built in favor of characters with long-range attacks so Cyclops becomes the most powerful mutant in existence. I’m sorry but any game that makes Scott Summers the best gets a hard pass from me.

X-Men Destiny

10 Worst Marvel Games

Silicon Knights was a studio that had already released some top tier games. I mean they had Eternal Darkness on their resume so how hard would it be to make a great X-Men game?

Apparently the challenge was enough to make this company implode on itself. The game was so notoriously bad it ranked as the single worst-reviewed X-Men title in the Metacritics records.

According to former employees of the company the game was always doomed to fail due to disorganized staff, being unfocused with the task at hand largely squandering ample time and resources before releasing the game itself.

You can feel just how rushed this game was when you play it. Out of the three characters, you get to choose from all of them lack anything interesting in regard to personality or powers.

Rise of The Imperfects

Was it ever difficult to sit through that trailer? Marvel Nemesis Rise of the Imperfects was a fighter game meant to be in line with the Marvel Nemesis comic book series.

Sounds cool right? Well usually when something sounds too good to be true, chances are it is! The game remains the same as most fighter games of its time – a button mash to the bitter end, coupled with an awful storyline to follow.

Plus unlike the easier games, we mentioned this game was nearly impossible to beat when the computer AI was running the show. Its as if the developers dumped the knowledge of the greatest combinations into their programming and as a result of the computer just schooled gamers. Were talking about ruthless attack combos before you even lifted a finger.

Amazing Spider-Man 2

Not only did Sony really drop the ball when it came to producing the movie under the same name, but its as if they tried even less with this video game tie-in.

The game is okay, but what’s more frustrating is how close it was to be great.
At the end of the day though you can only view it for what it is rather than what it could have been.

As a result, the final product was a poorly thrown together mess that felt like an unfinished high school art project. Thankfully the most recent Spider-Man game was able to redeem the friendly neighborhood Spiderman but we can’t get this terrible experience out of our brain.

Marvel Puzzle Quest

10 Worst Marvel Games

Of all the things you could do with the vast wealth of characters in the Marvel universe and the intense storylines that have immersed fans for decades – I ask you! WHY MARVEL! Why would you make a bejeweled puzzle game with that rich history? What a slap in the face to every fan they ever had.

That narrator for the trailer of the game is way too hyped about a mobile game as well. I’m not partial to puzzle games, but I’m even more angered by puzzle games involving superheroes.

The only reason they made this game was that they knew people would spend money on it and the payday would be enormous. I highly doubt though that they depended on this money in order to make the MCU. More likely Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige needed a new Rolex.

Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer

Yet again one of the video games that Marvel desperately attempted to tie-in with their movie was another huge disappointment. Probably because the movie was terrible as well.

You’d think they would have built a better game after the first one, but nope! The graphics look like a game ten years before its time and the gameplay is so cluttered it’ll scramble your brain.

The funniest review I read about this game came courtesy of CBR.com where they said Nobody is going to return it because that would be admitting that you bought it in the first place.