Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3 is stuffed with easter eggs, hidden references and monstrous secrets buried in each episode.

We’ll be revealing 25 devilish details you might have missed in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3, including the Riverdale easter eggs that reveal a very weirdly connected universe. There will, of course, be spoilers so take care if you haven’t caught up.

24Sabrina’s Stony Tomb

Part 3 opens with Sabrina’s terrifying nightmare of wandering into Hell and discovering Nick encased in stone. It’s a clever bit of foreshadowing for Sabrina’s own fate later in the season when she gets trapped in the Ninth Circle of Hell by Caliban.

23What The Puck?

It’s not until the seventh episode that Robin reveals he’s a hobgoblin to Theo.

But there was a clue to his true identity all the way back in the fourth episode when Carcosa called Robin by his full name.

The name “Robin Goodfellow” is often used in English folklore for a mischievous sprite or hobgoblin and in English mythology and literature such as Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Robin Goodfellow also goes by the name of “Puck”.

22The Lovecraft Link

Chilling Adventures begins to introduce new Lovecraftian monsters into its universe when Blackwood calls upon an amphibian-like beast to rise out of the waters of Loch Ness.

Blackwood calls the creature the “Deep One”, the same name as a species of water-dwelling monsters from H.P. Lovecraft’s novella The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

21Mountains Of Madness

Another of Lovecraft’s sci-fi horrors is referenced when Zelda weighs up the covens’ options to avoid getting killed by the pagans.

“At the Mountains of Madness” is a novella by Lovecraft that features a dangerous alien civilization in Antarctica that lies beyond a mountain range even higher than the Himalayas.


The word Carcosa, the name of the malevolent carnival leader who arrives in Greendale, first appeared in several 19th-century short stories as an ancient mysterious city before being used as the name of an alien city within the Lovecraftian Cthulhu Mythos.

In that universe, Carcosa is home to Hastur, a monstrous deity who’s also known as “The Unspeakable One”, something which ties into how Blackwood describes the Eldritch Terrors he plans to bring into the world.

19The Wicker Man

Carcosa and the pagans plan to resurrect their Old Gods in an event they call The Great Flowering. For the ceremony, they place a sacrificial virgin inside a giant green plant statue, much like the virgin sacrifice that a group of pagans carry out inside a giant wicker man statue in the 1973 horror movie The Wicker Man. And the pagans in Greendale also wear animal masks at the coven’s Hare Moon celebration, just like the pagans do in The Wicker Man.

18The Berlanti Wheel

At the carnival, the Ferris wheel that Theo and Robin’s ride is called “The Berlanti Wheel”, an easter egg to prolific TV producer Greg Berlanti, whose shows include Chilling Adventures, Riverdale, Arrow, Supergirl, and You.

17Midsommar Murders

This season also includes several references to the modern horror movie “Midsommar” about a pagan cult.

In Chilling Adventures, when Sabrina returns to find the pagans have created an apocalypse on Earth, she’s startled by a couple of plant-like human zombies, who appear to have a pair of yellow flowers growing in their eyes.

This is a creepy nod to one of the pagan human sacrifices in the movie. In fact, Sabrina showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has specifically said that films like that and The Wicker Man were ‘always the kind of horror that [he] wanted to get to play with and infuse into Part 3.’

16The Red Brick Road

After arriving in Hell, Sabrina asks Caliban how they can get to Pandemonium, and he answers:

“Follow the blood-red road where it flows, and there you’ll find the throne of Hell.”

That advice is a bloody reference to The Wizard of Oz and the Good Witch of the North’s instructions to Dorothy on how to reach the Emerald City.

15Tin Man Tommy

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Sabrina and the gang also come across their own Tin Man in the form of Tommy, Harvey’s brother who died in the first season of Chilling Adventures.

Like the classic movie Tin Man, Tommy also has problems with his heart. But while the original Tin Man believed he lacked a heart, Tommy’s heart is on the outside of his tin costume.

14Sleeping Beauty

Another classic tale is referenced in Hell’s Forest of Torment. When Sabrina and Roz go to pick the Fleur du Mal that Dorian Gray has asked them to collect, Sabrina warns her friend that if they prick themselves on the flower’s thorns, they’ll go to sleep and never wake up.

That was also the fate of the princess in Sleeping Beauty when she pricked her finger on a cursed spinning wheel. And remember that princess Aurora was also known by the prickly, flowery name of Briar Rose.

Also in Chilling Adventures, the flower even sings and calls to Sabrina and Roz luring them into a potential trap, similar to how Maleficent entranced and tricked Aurora into pricking herself.

And later, after they bring Nick back from Hell to the mortal world, Sabrina wakes him with a kiss, akin to how Sleeping Beauty was woken from her curse.

13Fleur Du Mal

The evil flower that Dorian Gray asks Sabrina to get for him is also a reference to a set of poems by Charles Baudelaire called “Les Fleurs du Mal”.

Appropriately for Chilling Adventures, Baudelaire’s collection of poems includes one called “The Litanies of Satan” which fiercely criticized the 19th-century Church and also inverted several prayers from the Catholic Mass and substituted Mary’s name with Satan’s.

Likewise, Chilling Adventures also likes to flip common religious expressions. And in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3, Zelda’s prayer “Hail Lilith” is an inversion of the traditional Catholic prayer “Hail Mary”.

12Sabrina and Katrina

Sabrina manages to reverse the pagan apocalypse, but in the process, she also decides to allow a double of herself to exist at the same time. This twin Sabrina situation is something that already occurred in the 90s sitcom Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

At the end of the third season of the old-school show, Sabrina met her identical twin Katrina and they had to undergo a test to find out which sibling was the evil one. When the test revealed that Sabrina’s sister Katrina was the evil sibling, Katrina was sent to live in the Twin Cities in a place known as the “Other Realm”.

11Sabrina The Virgin Queen

While one Sabrina returns to Greendale in Chilling Adventures, the other goes to Hell where Lilith prepares her for her full-time role as Queen of Hell.

Sabrina’s style, including her coronation dress and white makeup, evoke the look of English Tudor monarch Elizabeth I, who was known as “the Virgin Queen” and whose reign included the attempted invasion of England by the Spanish Armada.

On top of that, Sabrina’s coronation seems to pay specific homage to the final scene of the late-90s movie Elizabeth, with each queen’s people bowing down to her and touching her dress, and the queen signaling her ascent to the throne with a little hand gesture.

The parallels between Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Sabrina of Hell become even more striking when Lilith speaks to Sabrina about what’s in store for the new young queen. And emphasizing that at least Hell-bound Sabrina will be uninterested in love, Sabrina tells Lucifer.

“I am ready, Father, to be married to Hell.”

Much as Elizabeth I was considered as being wed to her kingdom.

10The Crowley Connection

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3, Ambrose plays a key part in events when he and Prudence track down Father Blackwood who’s gone into hiding in Loch Ness, Scotland. When they arrive, Ambrose explains that he already has some knowledge of the location. Ambrose’s familiarity with Crowley’s life stems from a time when Crowley acted as a kind of mentor to Ambrose.

In real life, Aleister Crowley was an English occultist who gained notoriety for many things, including establishing the religion of Thelema, aspects of which have inspired Wicca and Satanism. And like in the show, Crowley did actually live in Loch Ness for a period of his life.

9Dante’s Inferno

The show’s nine circles of hell are inspired by Dante’s Inferno, a drawing of which appears in the background on a school blackboard in the first episode, another clue that by the end of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3, Sabrina will travel all the way to the Ninth Circle of Hell.

In Dante’s epic poem, the Ninth Circle is reserved for people who’ve committed treachery, including Judas Iscariot. So, it’s fitting that that’s where Caliban tricks Sabrina and betrays her trust.

On top of that, the Ninth Circle is also where Sabrina breaks the promise she made to future Sabrina to complete the time loop by taking her place in the stone prison.

By the way, the fact that Chilling Adventures encases its traitors in stone is another hat tip to Dante’s Inferno where most of those condemned to Hell’s Ninth Circle are trapped in ice.

8Pandemonium Lost

Also in Ms. Wardwell’s classroom is another blackboard where you can spot a mention of “Paradise Lost”, an epic poem by John Milton.

It was in “Paradise Lost” that Milton coined the term “Pandemonium” for the capital of Hell. Not only is Pandemonium a crucial location in Part 3, but Caliban himself is also sculpted from the city’s clay.

7The Blossoms & Herod’s Crown

The backstory for Herod’s Crown also notably connects to the history of one of Riverdale’s most significant families, the Blossoms. In Part 3, Ambrose discovers this first item of the Unholy Regalia was passed between numerous people, the last known one being.

Interestingly, Ambrose goes on to explain that when Benjamin Blossom brought Herod’s Crown back to Riverdale, he was murdered by a group of occultists who wanted possession of the magical unholy relic.

When Sabrina and Ambrose visit Riverdale to locate the crown, they discover it’s hidden in a maple syrup tree, which is especially fitting because maple syrup has been part of the Blossom family business.

In fact, the connection between the Blossoms and King Herod seems particularly appropriate as history and myth remember Herod for having executed numerous male children including several of his own sons.

And, of course, season 1 spoilers for Riverdale, that show kicks off with the murder of Jason Blossom, who it’s later revealed was killed by his own father who was using the family syrup business as a front for selling drugs.

6Riverdale Robin

It’s interesting that actor Jonathan Whitesell who plays Robin the Hobgoblin in Sabrina also played the part of Kurtz on Riverdale. Kurtz was a member of the Gargoyle Gang. But how can the same actor play two different characters in two shows that are supposedly connected?

Well, perhaps it could be another example of the recurring theme of twins in both shows? In Chilling Adventures, there’s the Blackwood twins, Principal Hawthorne’s twin who was absorbed in the womb, the image of Hilda and Zelda as conjoined twins, and now, after much hinting in previous seasons, Sabrina has a double too! Or perhaps it’s all part of the shape-shifting ability of Puck or Robin Goodfellow characters in English folklore?

5Ice Creamy Adventures

When Sabrina approaches Jimmy Platt’s ice cream truck, you can see it reads “A Chilling Adventure”.

That isn’t just a play on the title of the show though; it’s also a hint at the chilly fate that awaits Sabrina later in the episode when she ends up trapped in the evil ice-cream seller’s freezer.

4Murder Capital Of The World

There’s an amusing reference to the crazy events that go on in Greendale’s neighboring town when we see the “Welcome to Riverdale” sign.

On the back, you can spot some Jughead graffiti which dubs the town “Murder capital of the world”. And in the Riverdale spin-off show Katy Keene, Josie also refers to her hometown in the same way.

3Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe

After Hilda turns into Spider-Hilda, she asks Dr. Cee to get her a hamburger and a milkshake from a diner in Riverdale, undoubtedly referencing everyone’s favourite meeting place in Riverdale, Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe.

2The Red Dhalia

Another Riverdale actor who makes an appearance on Chilling Adventures is Nathalie Boltt, aka Penelope Blossom, spoilers for Riverdale, the nefarious mastermind behind the Black Hood and the Gargoyle King.

In Chilling Adventures, she pops up in New Orleans. However, it turns out it’s not the real Penelope Blossom, but rather Prudence who’s using Penelope’s form for a glamour trick while she and Ambrose are on the hunt for Blackwood.

1Sarina Is Legend

The title of the final episode, “Sabrina Is Legend”, is an intriguing reference to the 2007 movie “I Am Legend”, based on the book of the same name.

The movie is known for its alternate ending in which, spoilers for the film, Will Smith gets a happier ending than the original ones shown in cinemas.

Likewise in Chilling Adventures, Sabrina creates an alternate and happier timeline for herself when she decides not to complete the time loop as future Sabrina advised.