8 New Games Arriving in September 2019

8 New Games Arriving in September 2019

We are now entering the time of year, when the biggest games release, September kicks this off with a host of triple-a behemoths mass sports titles hit their annual window and a few souls like games try to grab your attention. Here are 8 picks for the most wanted new games for September 2019.


8 New Games Arriving in September 2019

GreedFall is a pseudo-17th-century fantasy themed role-playing game, which has impressed many previewers. We will explore the island of Tia Freddy, as we strive to find a cure and heal our people from a mysterious disease, as we delve deeper we realize this world is filled with supernatural Guardians. We can hunt them down we can interact with people using diplomacy or deceive everyone and manipulate people from the shadows.

Greed Fall cinematics and voice acting look impressive, but what about those mechanics. From the first step, we can customize our character from looks to starting skills attributes and talents combat though depends on the spec of your character, such as relying on magic to hit enemies from afar maybe or armory not to go head to head with a heavy sort.

If that’s not your thing and bring out the traps the bombs, the poison darts, the rifles, the fighting mechanics look varied And tactical pause mid-fight. You can freeze time and give yourself the ability to analyze the battlefield plotting your next move which enemy to focus on, and instantly go back into the fight as soon as you are ready.

This could be a game-changing mechanic. Everything in Greed Fall is customizable allowing you to look and play the way you want.

Greed Fall releases on the PS4, PC, Xbox One on September the 10th.

NBA 2k20

8 New Games Arriving in September 2019

September also gives us NBA 2k20. You already know what basketball is so let’s not go through that. So instead let’s look at the improvements from last year’s edition which, include or rather exclude the pushing mechanic which made many people in the community unhappy and the complete removal of unskippable in-game advertising. Yes, that really was a thing in 2k19 forced advertising within a game, which costs money to play in the first place.

NBA 2k20 releases on September the 6th on PS4 switch, Xbox, and the PC.

Borderlands 3

8 New Games Arriving in September 2019

My personal hype train is heading straight towards Borderlands 3. I’m sure you’ve seen the copious amounts of advertising.

The borderlands series was a pioneer when it comes to the looter shooter genre although games like the division of destiny took that in a
completely different direction Borderlands 3 has stayed completely loyal to its origins.

A loot driven first-person shooter played in solo or cooperatively with up to four players and when I say loot wow, I mean it flamethrowers, rocket launchers, guns with legs, guns that fire hamburgers and every gun could have a perk.

Maybe elemental damage, maybe a different firing type it’s ridiculous how many guns are in this game. In a recent playtest I found a sniper rifle it was pretty good, and then I used the alternative fire which made it into a chain gun.

Borderlands 3 is brilliant, ridiculous, guns are only one aspect to the unique art style the brilliantly written characters are with their own slapstick sense of humor and the story can draw you into this time it revolves around a group of vault hunters hunting vaults.

The only problem is that the children of the vaults led by a dastardly set of twins are also after those vaults. let’s see who comes out on top.

Borderlands 3 releases on PS4, PC, and the Xbox One on September the 13th.

EFootball PES 2020

E Football PES 2020

As it’s September the annual sports titles make their return, first up its football both FIFA and PES release their updates this month. But PES aka Pro Evolution Soccer has had a name update EFootball PES from now on.

This is likely due to how the word soccer is treated outside of North America. People thought they don’t like that word in terms of new features FIFA leads the way yet again with almost every pro player under the Sun represented and recreated.

On the other hand, be football PES 2020 only has a handful of licenses, but that does include Barcelona at Aventis and Bayern Munich. FIFA’s improvements include redesigned one-on-one situations and the general flow of games has been tweaked to make it feel a little less Arkady and a little more like simulation.

There are new inputs to master such as strafing dribbling and a refresh free-kick mechanic too. EFootball PES 2020, on the other hand, has improved the long-loved Master League mode with legendary managers and the new response system making it possible to react to people and change the storyline each season. If you’re a football fan you probably already know which one suits you.

FIFA 20 drops on September the 27th with a football PES 2020 a fortnight earlier on September the 10th.



We also have a racing game for you this month WRC 8 the World Rally Championship. concentrating on being the best rally driver ever and I mean concentrating one early turn or late break will result in catastrophe.

This is a racing simulation WRC 8 is the 15th game in the series and boasts the most realistic and authentic racing ever seen dynamic weather which impacts traction and visibility and 50 teams 14 countries and 100 tracks to race through this is gonna be intense.

So perfect you’re right six into the left hairpin and you can be the world champion. WRC 8 crashes in two stars on September the 5th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Surge 2

The Surge 2

Did you ever play The Surge it’s surprisingly good, I only know that because it was free on PS plus a few months back. Well, by complete coincidence the surge 2 is coming out this September.

Just over two years after the first one. The game has many similarities to the Dark Soul series but with a futuristic setting. The game begins in Jericho city which has been quarantined due to the city suffering from a technical virus.

All movement is watched and the military is more than happy to have a fight with you. And that’s where the excel rigs come in. We are wearing an outer shell which is upgradable.

For example, during fights is possible to concentrate on one area such as someone’s arm and after wearing it down. You can rip it off completely and use the parts to upgrade, improve, and learn new abilities for our rig and this becomes the core mechanic.

The devs have tried to evolve from the first game by implementing other options than a frontal assault every time you see an enemy alternate route, secret tunnels and even helping NPCs can open new paths to circumvent battles, but at some point, your fighting skill will be tested.

Timing and tactics are imperative The Surge is a little more forgiving than
say Sakura, but it’s still firmly in the soul’s barn mold, The Surge 2 releases on September the 24th on PS4, PC, and Xbox One

NHL 20

NHL 20

This month also brings us NHL 20, but to go through all the improvements in that game will literally take 10 minutes at least. The main ones I took from this is that there are 400 more animations. So the game looks better and the AI now doesn’t scar on goals all the time it did when I played happy days if you love ice hockey grab this on September the 13th.

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World

Finally, September sees the return of Monster Hunter: World. The major expansion named ice-borne arrives. If you’re new to the genre pick up a weapon and track down a monster and a fully realized habitat filled with countless other monsters so my passive but most are aggressive.

Especially, when you hit them with a 10-foot sot ice-borne takes us to a completely new hunting ground with new and old monsters to murder and make into armor. And that’s where the core cycle is track kill calf.

It’s very easy to become addicted here are a few extras though we can now tame and ride upon smaller beasts in the world and layered armor looks like another interesting addition. And I suppose it’s only right to wrap up warm when you’re venturing into a new snowy world. Most of the world I spawn DLC hits PS4 and the Xbox One on September the 6th.