All heroines explained in Birds of Prey

Starting today, the crazy superhero movie ” Birds of Prey” is going to the cinema! You will, of course’ come for Harley Quinn, but just get four other killer queens. Who are these heroines?

7Harley Quinn

Well, you know this one right? Okay, just a brief explanation if you are a real DC noob. Former psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel (Margot Robbie) nowadays goes through life as a bad guy and the occasional anti-hero Harley Quinn. She has no superpowers, but everyone who has seen Suicide Squad knows that Harley is a real combat boss.

She gets along well with just about any weapon and is – also after that chemical bath with Joker – still very smart. And who says that batshit crazy is not a superpower? She now leads her own hero team!’


And that includes Helena Bertinelli (Mary-Elizabeth Winstead)! In DC comics better known as mafia princess Huntress. Arrow viewers will immediately recognize this heroine. Jessica De Gouw was allowed to play her in the first two seasons.

In Birds of Prey, this version of the sniper, also the daughter of the late Mafia boss Franco Bertinelli, picks up her faithful crossbow. Without telling too much: she still has a lot to peel with bad guy Black Mask.

5Black Canary

Dinah Lance (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) works as a singer in the Black Mask nightclub. Just like the marketing machine around Birds of Prey went crazy: at one point she joins Harley to give her boss a shack.

Her hero name, Black Canary, refers to her superpower ( Arrow viewers know what we mean). This “songbird” can cause devastating, supersonic screams. And with that she is also the only ‘metahuman’ in the team.

4Renee Montoya

We can safely call police officer Renee Montoya (Rosie Perez) the only ‘normal’ of the company. As an agent with the Gotham Police Department, she is of course after top criminal Black Mask. We especially wonder how desperate this skilled agent should be when she feels compelled to work with a disturbed person like Harley.

3Cassandra Cain

‘Cass’ (Ella Jay Basco) is the so-called MacGuffin of the film. By her action – she stole a diamond from Black Mask – she triggers all events in Birds of Prey. Cassandra is a martial artist slash super thief so she easily beats herself out of any stuffy situation. In Harley, she has found a new girlfriend who wants to help her stay out of the hands of Black Mask.

2Black mask

Now that we are busy, let’s also introduce the villains! Roman Sionis (Ewan McGregor) rules as ‘Black Mask’ over the underworld of Gotham. This flamboyant gangster runs several shady companies and has a lot of power.

Very handy when you don’t have any superpower. To keep his identity hidden during criminal outings, put on this black mask. Very recognizable for comic fans!

1Victor Zsasz

Serial killer Victor Zsasz carves a cut in his own body after every murder. Okay, maybe Harley isn’t too bad! In Birds of Prey, Victor works as a personal hitman for Roman.’


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