Apex Legends Easter Eggs You Missed

Apex Legend Easter Eggs You Missed
Apex Legend Easter Eggs You Missed

Apex Legends Easter Eggs

Apex Legends has been available for a little over a week now. And as expected many have come across a few easter eggs that Respawn thought would take much longer to discover. So today we’re going to be telling you about the easter eggs you missed in Apex Legends.

Apex Legend Easter Eggs

To begin, we have a heartbreaking tribute that a few players have found hidden in the game. During Apex Legends’ development, the game’s lead designer sadly had their dog Shadie pass away suddenly. I quote,

“This was a crushing blow to my morale and made many days hard to come to work. Shadie was out best friend.”

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Apex Legend Easter Eggs

In the map known as Kings Canyon, you can find the loving tribute to the designer’s dog, that he inserted into the game as a coping mechanism, and a way to process his grief.

Next up, we have the Loch Ness Monster. That’s right — it wouldn’t be a quality game without an appearance from a mythical sea creature.

Apex Legend Easter Eggs

On the Apex Legends subreddit, a message read, “A messy appears” began appearing on the kill feed. Which, was a clue regarding the hidden Nessy dolls.

Apex Legend Easter Eggs you probabely missed

Throughout the map, you can find Nessy plushies, and if you’re lucky to collect all of them, you will get a very special visit from the Loch Ness Monster herself.

Next, One twitch streamer has been able to capture this magical moment.
Standing near the edge of the map you can make out the hazy outline of Nessy, as she comes to greet you.

Apex Legend Easter Eggs you may have missed

A quote from one of the devs went as follows,

“I had a bet with our producer Drew, on how long it would take. And I thought it was crazy when he said a week, turns out he was just about spot on at 8 days! I figured a month at least. You are all unreal. I’d still like to see a good video clip of it when it’s not in the circle though. Guess I need to make the next one much harder.”

Devs need to learn that you can’t get anything past hardcore gamers — if you hide something, they WILL find it.

Next Up, Apex Legends has been a huge success already — hitting 25 million players in just its first week. Which is unreal. For fans of the game, Twitch and Respawn are teaming up to host a special streamer tournament later this week, which will feature some new Valentine’s cosmetics. Will you be joining the action?

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