Avengers: Endgame Leaks

Avengers Endgame Leaks


Leak from a toy company displaying a new endgame series run shows that Valkyrie will indeed be apart of this movie along with Rocket and Starlord. We know that Valkyrie did manage to survive the snap which means we will get to see more of the Asgardian hero. Although she did not appear physically it’s revealed that she survived the massacre at the Statesman when she helped evacuate the remaining Asgardians before Thanos destroyed the ship.

The Chitauri

The Chitauri

According to another toy leak, it looks as though the Chitauri will be returning again to the big screen. It’s not a huge leak considering that we saw them in a flashback in Infinity War when Thanos was destroying Gamoras homeworld. The leak does look like a pretty legit factory made model, but the interesting thing is that they bare a resemblance to their appearance in the first avengers movie. This hints that in Endgame we may see that battle of New York all over again.

The Ancient One

The Ancient One

This leak was well summed up by Den of Nerds. They confirmed that there was a costume leak from a cosplay website online that was doing an endgame sale. On the site, there is a set called Doctor Strange, Wong and the ancient one. Along with that Mark Ruffalo has said that he shot a scene with the Ancient one played by Tilda Swinton. There was also another toy design leak from a company called Ozzie Collectables that showed a mockup of an Ancient one toy for an end game series. We also had Frank Grillo who slipped up when talking at the Austin Film Festival about his experience filming for Avengers 4 saying

When we got Tilda Swinton, she was just a 1-day availability.

Now from what we know the Ancient one was killed in Doctor Strange so its possible she will either show up in an alternate timeline or perhaps in an afterlife scene with Doctor Strange similar to how TChalla can speak with people who have held the mantle of Black Panther.

Avengers Leak Rescue


God bless whoever leaked this selfie of Gwyneth Paltrow on set giving us a huge clue as to what will be her role in the next Avengers movie with this photo. Standing in front of a green screen we see her in some sweet new purple armor that cant be anything other than the rescue suit. This won’t be the first time either that Pepper has come to the aid of Tony Based on that badassery and her new suit it’s a safe bet that Pepper hears Tonys distress call and comes to Rescue him. To add to that there was another factory leak from a toy company showing a similar suit of armor.

Avengers Leak A Stark Baby

A Stark Baby

Now this leak comes courtesy of actress Katherine Langford who posted a photo of herself with a new look and the caption reading – She red y Now many fans are speculating that because Endgame will have some time travel or timeline hopping moments it is possible that we could see the 13 reasons why actress playing Pepper and Tony’s daughter in an alternate timeline that Tony will ultimately have to give up. However, there are some holes in this rumor because Endgame takes place only 5 years after the events of infinity war. Its most likely that she will either be playing a young Natasha Romanov or Pepper Potts.

Battle of New York

As I mentioned in that previous leak it appears as though Endgame will be revisiting the Battle of New York. It’s possible that Ant-man will time jump to this period of importance where the Avengers first assembled.

More importantly were the set photos that were leaked showing a very similar scene to that of the damage left over from the Battle of New York.
The person who leaked the photos also noted that there were New York Taxis, military humvees and that late-model sedan that’s a carbon copy of the one in the background of the scene where Tony falls to the ground after sending the nuke into space.

Avengers leak Thors Suit

Thors Suit

I know I know enough with the toy leaks, but it seems as though they just can’t keep a lid on leaks for Endgame so I gotta tell you more. That new suit design for Thor is interesting to say the least. It looks as though he’s gotten rid of his traditional outfit for what looks to be a more ant-man meets stark technology. This new Avengers suit that could mean the god of thunder will be jumping into the Quantum realm.

Avengers leak Hulk Suit

Hulk Suit

Not only has the Hulk returned for endgame based on this toy series, but Banner is also wearing the same suit as Thor. He may not be going in as the Hulk, its most likely that Bruce Banner will wear the quantum realm suit to travel with the crew. It still is pretty funny though to see the Hulk in that spandex suit. Hopefully it at least changes size when he morphs into the green machine.

Titan Heroes

Avengers Leak Titan Heroes

Another interesting leak to note with all of these toy releases is that in the series showing the quantum realm get up they are calling it the Titan Hero Series. As far as we know after Thanos had wiped out half of the planet’s population he returned to his homeworld of Titan to rest as a humble farmer. With a name like Titan Hero Series though many fans are speculating that this could mean the new Avengers will be bringing the fight to Titan and respectively the Mad Titan himself. Thus giving us a battle on the homeworld of Thanos.

Tom Holland

Avnegrs end game leak Tom Holland

I had to put this joke leak in the number one spot because I find it hilarious that Tom has leaked either planned or not planned so many key details in regards to the MCU. The title – Tom Holland accidentally uploads entire Avengers 4 movie to Twitter – probably had people scouring the internet in search of details before Tom replies

Stressed me out. For a second I was like – shit did I.