Avengers: Endgame Teaser Easter Eggs You Missed

new super bowl teaser easter eggs

Today we’re talking about the Endgame teaser easter eggs that reminded everyone that they really can’t wait for Avengers endgame. Even if some of the pressure is off since it was confirmed that Spider-Man Far From Home takes places after it in the timeline so Peter Parker is feeling fine.

Avengers: Endgame Super Bowl Teaser Easter Eggs

Avengers Endgame Super Bowl Trailer

Bleak Tone

This trailer is full of subtle atmospheric shots attempting to capture that bleak tone that many audience members felt at the end of Avengers infinity
war to keep them primed for what’s to come. And what better way than by showcasing none other than Captain America at a support group, as well half the population is gone.

People just vanished, obviously, there was some level of bereavement, especially for power couple Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. And you know what even if it’s just a clever cut we all know he’s still sad.

Avengers Endgame Easter eggs

Tony Stark Alone?

Tony Stark alone or is he or what exactly is going on with him and nebula.
Few will forget the bleak Endgame teaser that’s showcased a dying Tony Stark floating through space.

Starving dying, it even ignited a group of fans to tweet at Nasa to try and get them to save their favorite hero, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist. But it looks like he’s not entirely alone he’s got Gamora’s sister to keep him company.

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Avengers endgame new teaser easter eggs

Sticking together

Few can think back on the third captain America outing in 2016 without recalling the sadness of watching the team break apart and battles of team cap or team iron man were rampant. It ignited a desire to see the team all together again. A desire that was not exactly fulfilled by endgame while the majority of characters were seen they didn’t really interact together all that much, and they were still split into disparate groups however, it looks like we can look forward to seeing at least some of them all together for longer periods of time in the endgame, and that’s what we all want isn’t it.

Look at that beautiful shot of Cap, War machine, Black widow and bruce banner all together, more of that, please. Maybe Iron man and nebulae made it for a reunion. I’m still waiting for Tony and Steve to have a long overdue conversation.

Avengers endgame easter eggs

Blink and You’ll Miss It

Before the logo snaps out of existence we get an ever so brief look at a host of MCU characters who we lost to the infamous Thanos snap or just you know death and sadness, never forget. This trailer wants you to feel all the emotions that many viewers had at the end of the last film.

It’s hard to keep a feeling like that going with such a big gap they need to pull out every trick they have. While still keeping their cards close cause so far they’re trying not to give too much away, but never forget the fake trailer edits they did with Infinity War to try and throw people off. Which did not work they still guessed a bunch of things anyway. R.I.P Loki maybe. Yes, maybe he’s a trickster god.

Avengers Endgame new teaser easter eggs


Comic fans were thrilled to see the appurtenance of Thor’s very powerful weapon in Infinity War. And it seems like viewers will get to see more and also let’s play where is Thor, it looks like Wakanda is Thor too depressed to join the re4st of the crew. Thor’s been having a lot of angst. Despite how lighthearted Thor 3 was you know what he’s had a hard few years.

Avengers endgame super bowl easter eggs

Cap’s Shield

Speaking of accessories and gear looks like Cap’s got his shield back an iconic Captain America shield it has literally been years. Looks like someone not only got that man a shield but his shield.

Cap’s shield has been the subject of much speculation since some leaked set photos post infinity war. Is it time travel is it a new shield based on the protypes briefly seen in spiderman homecoming.

super bowl trailer easter eggs

Black widow

In this trailer, you see black widow at the gun range-taking out some of her pain on some unsuspecting targets. So what right well this may be reached so get ready to stretch with me, but you know who it looks like is being kept far from Black Widow Bruce Banner.

It’s no secret that the Russo brothers are not a fan of the Whedon introduced the pairing of HulkWidow and have even lightly mocked it in interviews. So it’s looking like whatever role she has to play the love interest to Bruce banner at least may not be one of them.


new super bowl teaser easter eggs

All hail hawkeye or should I saw Ronan looks like fans will hopefully get some of the archers they were missing from Infinity War and it looks like he’s going to play an important role.

See that ominous red light on his face and all that matrix style debris, that’s never a good thing. People don’t tend to say more towards the menacing Hal 9000 glow.

Who else can’t wait to see Clint rejoin the team or do you think given how much he wanted to retire the fact that he’s active again means. He lost his family to the snap, is this a sad comeback only time will tell.

Avengers endgame new teaser easter eggs

Missing Avenger?

We’ve already talked briefly about some of the tricky editing people like to pull to keep as much of the plot secret and safe as possible in today’s digital savvy era. So some are wondering in the scene showcasing 4 Avengers standing before their facility.

Is there a missing avenger or rather has someone been digitally removed. Some fans who have been combing through this trailer believe they see some displaced or warped space next to Warmachine and they also wonder why is he so far away otherwise.

Who could it be well some fans are speculating that it’s Captain Marvel. The reason well some people think they want her film to come out before they reveal her level of involvement.

Avengers Assemble

Avengers 4 new teaser easter eggs

While it may all seem pretty grim there is one bright spot in this trailer and that’s seeing a slow-motion walk across the hanger of the Avengers base featuring most of the Avengers that are still remaining. Cao, Thor, Black Widow, Ant Man, Rocket., war machine.

Granted it’s it every one or at least it doesn’t look like it’s everyone who knows they could be just out of frame or even removed. Yes, I’m holding out for Iron man, but either way, it’s still an exciting shot. Are you all primed for Avengers Endgame, leave me some of your predictions down below.