Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 PS4 Alpha Is Now Available to Download

Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Free PS4 Alpha

When you hear Call of Duty how do you react, is it positive maybe a little negative whatever your response you have to admit the modern warfare series was a masterpiece. Well, that series is having a partial reboot this year, next month in fact but let’s not talk about that let’s talk about what we can do right now.

At this moment you can download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and play the 2v2 alpha completely free and it’s only on the PS4 but it gets better than that. You don’t need PS plus to get your hands on this. This is open to the entire PlayStation 4 family, simply download and get into the tactical two-on-two battles.

The goal is to win five rounds before the opposition does, but there is a spanner in the works load-outs are randomized. You may be handed a scoped shotgun or a rocket launcher or maybe just a simple pistol, randomizing weaponry forces us to change our play style to keep the game feeling fresh.

There are 5 maps to master two of which have never been seen before. So you could be the first to play them other changes include or rather exclude in the mini-map, it’s gone your hearing is needed to get the drop in fights and cooperation and coordination remain the key to coming out of this alive, and if the game becomes too tense and a bit of a stalemate an over tank flag will appear the first team to secure it wins the round.

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The event only runs for 48 hours hence the title of the video only one weekend starting on August the 23rd and ending on the 25th. So why the hell are you still reading this article go get it downloaded.

Even if you’ve walked away from the series I recommend having a go and see if this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the one for you, no mechs, no space-suits it’s back with our boots firmly on the ground.

Jump over into the PlayStation Store under banner will likely hit you in the face but if it’s not there just simply search for Modern Warfare and you’ll get it.