We already know the idea behind the creation of Death Stranding and we even know that there was a special Instagram filter based on the game, but what many were unaware of is that there is a fan who has created a perfect cosplay to protect their baby from the Coronavirus. In addition to wearing a great look, this father has made an ideal outfit to combat the pandemic in an entertaining way

Below these lines, you can see the creative protective outfit that @harakoatom has achieved on Twitter and, why lie, the result is an Oscar award. We love all the details, but the most amazing thing is that he has managed to create a look almost identical to that of the Hideo Kojima game and, at the same time, find an original and striking way to protect your little one.

What do you think of this cosplay, do you think it is a good idea to protect yourself from the Coronavirus or do you think it is absolutely crazy?


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