Did the New Avengers: Endgame TV Spot Ruin Our Iron Man Rescue Theory?

Did the New Avengers Endgame TV Spot Ruin Our Iron Man Rescue Theory?

It’s no secret that when it comes to Marvel Studios and their movie trailers, Kevin Feige, the Russo’s, and everyone else involved are basically Loki. They misdirect, miniplate, or in some cases straight up lie to throw fans off the trail of what’s actually going to happen next in the latest installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Whether it is Thor’s eye in Ragnarok, Spiderman in the Civil War lineup, or just that infamous shot of all the Avengers running, including the Hulk, in Infinity War, Marvel just loves messing with us.

Avengers Endgame is no different. But this time fans are on to Marvel. In fact, it was one shot in particular that had fans scratching their heads. But, new footage of this shot in an ad, may have revealed the fate of Iron Man and in the process ruined our theory on how he gets rescued.

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Obviously, we’re gonna be getting nitty gritty with this Endgame theory and it could potentially spoil some of the next Avengers outings. So if you hate being cursed with knowledge make like Vision and get that mind stone ripped out, cause there be spoilers ahead.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Avengers: Endgame Iron Rescue Theory

The shot in question came from the Super Bowl ad back in February. It featured Natasha, Steve, Bruce, and Rhodey, walking in a field outside the Avengers HQ looking up at the night sky as something approached. At the time fans pointed out there was a large amount of space between Bruce and Rhodey.

Enough space to put another character. And theory’s began to swirl that someone had been digitally edited out of the shot. Speculation was rampant about the identity of that missing character.

Could it be Captain Marvel? Could it be Rocket? And Could it be Ant-Man? It had to be someone important if they were going to go out of their way to paint someone out, right?

Thanks to a new 30-second ad dropped on Wednesday, we finally got an answer on who that important someone is. And it is none other than Pepper Pots. Well now that the cats out of the bag, or rather the Pepper is out of the Pot.

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Pepper Pots

Why was Pepper Pots hidden from that shot in the earlier promo, and what does it all mean? Its been a long-standing belief that the field shot is the moment Tony and Nebula return to Earth after their long space road trip following their defeat by Thanos.

Based on how dire their status is with them running dangerously low on food, fuel, and water. Most fans believe that it is likely someone will show up and rescue them. Now we have maintained that Pepper Pots will be the one to come to their rescue. Based on a few pieces of evidence.

Pepper Pots comic

First up, in the comics, Pepper Pots has her own Iron Man suit called Rescue. Which is a defensive armor used for search and rescue?. We have also seen leaks of Endgame toys that highlight the Rescue armor. And Paltrow herself has had to take down social media posts that show her in a Mo-cap suit. Plus it would just fit into the story thematically. However, Pepper being in this new shot with the other surviving Avengers when Tony and Nebula arrive would put the kibosh on our theory. So it seems our colleague, Dan Casey and his theory about Captain Marvel saving Tony is correct. Right? The bigger question is, why to hide Pepper Pots from that shot earlier only to show her there now? We don’t want to get to tinfoil hat here but as we mentioned earlier the Russo’s and company are masters at misinformation in trailers.

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They have admitted that they’ve faked shots to throw people off the scent, even their own actors. They literally had Mark Ruffalo, one of the most spoilerific of all the Avengers shot his own death scene in Infinity War just to keep him from spoiling the fact that Bruce Banner survives.

Although he should have put two and two together that he survived since he’s also in Endgame. We suspect this could be another misdirect in a long line of misdirects. Sure, Pepper might be in that shot, but are they really at the Avengers Headquarters? Are they looking at something arriving on Earth? Or something leaving Earth? And is it even really night time?

The good news is we’ll only have to wait about a week longer to find out exactly how Tony will get saved barring any more spoilers of course.

But what do you folks think? Is our rescue theory wrong? Or is this more trailer trickery? What’s your favorite conspiracy theory about Avengers Endgame? And couldn’t Gwyneth Paltrow just have wanted to show off a new pair of Goop Leggings on her instagram story?