Disney cancels Mulan European premiere due to coronavirus

Disney cancels Mulan European premiere due to coronavirus

Despite the fact that Mulan ‘s European cinema release seems to continue, as usual, the Disney film cannot escape the coronavirus. The European premiere of the film Mulan in London that would take place tonight, has been canceled. At least, the part on the red carpet. The screening itself will continue as usual.

Mulan release postponed in China

Mulan had its world premiere in Los Angeles last Monday. There, the cast of the film and stars were simply present. Unfortunately, the European premiere that would take place tonight has therefore been partially canceled due to the coronavirus. Earlier in China, the premiere date of this live-action remake of Mulan was moved. That decision probably had to do with the fact that several cinemas have closed and fewer people will be going to the movies. And that, of course, means less money in the drawer.

Mulan's remake receives an unexpected rating from Disney

Mulan in the cinema on March 27?

Without an official announcement from Disney, we assume that Mulan will simply be playing in European cinemas from the planned date on March 27. However, the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the film world is increasing. For example, the cinema releases of Fast 9, A Quiet Place Part II and James Bond: No Time to Die were postponed. Cinemas must also significantly reduce the number of visitors.


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