Everything You Should Know About Lilly Singh’s New Late Night Show

Lilly Singh
Everything You Should Know About Lilly Singh's New Late Night Show

As YouTube superstar Lilly Singh gets ready to premiere her new late-night show on September 16th, the comedian is gracing the cover of “The Hollywood Reporter” and opening-up about just what viewers can expect from “A Little Late With Lilly Singh”.

According to executive producer John Irwin,

“Our goal is to do half an hour of comedy. We’re going to stay away from politics. Her stuff is going to be a little more personal, a little more based in her experiences.” So will she have a desk?

Singh says,

“Yes. It’s actually a very functional thing. You can store things behind it
and you feel more comfortable because you don’t have to sit pretty.”

The comedian and actress revealed that she’ll also have a monologue, and has to write 25 of them before she even begins shooting in early September. There also will be pre-produced comedy sketches and interviews.

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Singh’s writer’s room is made up of veteran writers and the predominantly diverse team is half female. Plus, long-time reality producer Aliyah Silverstein will serve as showrunner.

As for the show’s launch, NBC is planning a primetime special to boost awareness, following the September 18th finale of “America’s Got Talent”.

And NBC has already received interest from brands that want to be in business with Singh. Starbucks is signed on as an official launch partner.