Warner Brothers has just announced release dates for the Flash and the Fourth Matrix movie. The untitled Matrix film opens May 21st, 2021. Well, the long-gestating the Flash movie is set for July 1st, 2022.

The studio has also updated the release date for Akira which is taiko YTD attached to direct Bob was put on hold in July when the filmmakers signed on to direct a fourth Thor movie for Marvel Studios.

Akira was previously dated for the May 21st, 2021 date now occupied by the Matrix. In a strange twist, the Matrix sequel is now set to go against John wick chapter 4 with both films starring Keanu Reeves.

Meanwhile, this marks the latest release date shuffle for the Flash that sees Azra Miller reprising his role as the DC Comics speedster.

IT filmmaker Andy muschietti is on board direct with a shoot being planned for 2020.