Frozen 2 can be seen on Disney Plus next week

Due to all the measures to contain the coronavirus, a movie theater will not be in it for the time being. The list of films that are being postponed is getting longer and longer. And the few cinemas that keep the doors open allow a maximum of 100 visitors per performance. So that will mainly be streaming in the near future. Fortunately, Disney + is not the worst: they bring out the premiere of Frozen 2 at the streaming service!

Mysterious powers

Disney plus reports that Frozen 2 from March 17, so next Tuesday, can be seen at the streaming service. That is no less than four months earlier than planned! In this ice-cold sequel, Elsa searches for the origin of her mysterious powers.

Together with Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven, the Ice Queen sets out on a quest for answers. But our heroes soon find out that their search for the truth is not without danger!


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