Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Preview Explained

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Preview

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 will be all about the last war. Probably the last time we will see a battle sequence in this long-running series, and the way we got to this point is controversial and disappointing for a lot of fans. And for good reason.

It seems in these last two seasons, Game of Thrones has lost some of its magic, no pun intended, with the writing suffering without the guidance from George R.R. Martin. Seeing Dany being portrayed as the Mad Queen, with everyone around her slowly moving away from her claim and side is difficult to see.

The conclusion in sight for Dany seems to be one laid with fire and blood and a tragic ending for the character. As the preview shows, battle preparations are being made. Jon and his northern forces have already made their way to King’s Landing, Tyrion is looking very worried now about Dany’s state of mind, and Cersei seems equally overconfident while also knowing that this just might be her final days.

Cersei, like Dany, has lost everyone she’s cared about. And feeling all alone and sadistic and filled with hate, both characters are ready to burn everything to the ground. In terms of the preview, it doesn’t show much besides teasing the war itself. How the war will go down is a complete mystery. At least with the army of the dead, we had some sort of a clue of the Night King’s powers.

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Here, Cersei might have a dozen traps laid out waiting for Dany, Tyrion, and Jon. There’s also the curious case of Varys, who might betray Dany in a brutal way. With Dany, she’s losing her soul and her mind ever since she arrived in Westeros, so King’s Landing and the Red Keep are doomed to get destroyed by Dragon.

Meanwhile, we still have Jamie making his way back to his beloved sister. A lot of people were disappointed by this decision, which seems to put his character arch back a few seasons. But to me, this is a clear sign that Jamie can’t ever live with himself no matter how hard he tries.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Preview Explained

He doesn’t want to drag Brienne into his nonsense and now firmly believes his only the real course of action is to perish with Cersei, right next to her. Jamie might very well actually be the one to take out Cersei, or he might just give up, and let the flames consume the both of them. We also have Arya and the Hound to think about as well.

The Hound is going after his brother the Mountain, who is always by Cersei’s side. While Arya is all about taking out Cersei, and as many people have said after episode 3, Arya can easily just sneak up on the queen and take her out. So there is some shocking moment waiting to happen here.
An obstacle of some sort stopping Arya from completing her task.

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There are so many pieces in play here in this last war that I don’t know how this’ll conclude in one episode. My thinking is, we’ll see the demise of Cersei at the end of episode 5, with the final chapter focusing on stopping Dany, who might have gone full bloodthirsty Targaryen by that time.

But it’s still sad to see Dany go down this path. I don’t blame her bloodlust and anger, she’s lost everyone closest to her, including Jorah, Missandei, and seemingly another dragon in such a short time frame. Seeing her slowly become the clear villain in this story is a questionable decision, one that doesn’t entirely make sense but still sets up a fascinating and bittersweet the finale, which is what we wanted from this show.

The most important thing here now is the execution of it all, obviously. If Dany were to be the final villain, it needs to feel and be believable and not rushed. Who knows at this point if D and D can really deliver on that. But one thing we know for certain is that the Red Keep will go in flames, as Dany saw in her visions in Season 2.

And in that same vision, she never touches the throne, spelling a tragic ending for this character. Finally, Euron is seen staring at the sky shocked and scared. What could this be? My bet is that Rhaegal is somehow still alive, and with two dragons still on her side, Dany will be difficult to stop in her rampage.

It seems at the end of it all, it will be Jon vs Dany with Cersei right in the middle of it all. Whether you like this ending storyline or not, this is what we’re getting.