The release date of the anticipated open-world criminal action GTA 6 was revealed by Darion Lowenstein, a former employee of Rockstar Games.

Many fans of the upcoming GTA VI hope that the release will take place soon enough. However, former Rockstar Games employee Darion Levenshtein, who also previously worked for EA and Activision, made an assumption about the release date of GTA 6, based on his experience in the gaming industry.

He upset the fans and said that in the near future the announcement and especially the release should not be expected.

GTA 6 Release Date Revealed By Rockstar Games Employee

Darion Levenshtein explained, saying that in Rockstar Games, developers primarily think about the quality of the game, not about any deadlines. At the same time, the industry veteran considers the winter holidays season of 2021 the best moment for the Release Date of GTA 6.

This means that in the upcoming months there will be no announcements and trailers. Levenshtein is aware rumors which the release of the first trailer was promised in February 2020.

He considers them false and suggests that they do not hope at all. GTA 6 fans and investors will have to wait longer for the trailer.

GTA 6 Release Date

Game industry experts agree with Darion Levenshtein. They believe that Rockstar Games does not want to rush only with the release of GTA 6 but also with the announcement.

Officially, Grand Theft Auto VI has not yet been announced. Fans of the franchise have studied a lot of rumors, as well as descriptions of several vacancies at Rockstar Games, and came to the conclusion that the development of the new part has long been launched.

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