Harry Potter Star Julie Walters Found Third Stage Cancer

Harry Potter Star Found Third Stage Cancer

The star of a series of films about the adventures of Harry Potter Julie Walters shared the sad news with her fans: doctors made a severe diagnosis – cancer of the third stage.

British actress Julie Walters discovered third stage bowel cancer. According to the mojjo, in the Harry Potter films, she played Ron Weasley’s mom. In a new interview, Julie said that when the doctors first diagnosed this disease, she hoped that they were wrong.

However, when the star of Harry Potter went through chemotherapy, she was finally convinced of the correctness of the medical staff. According to Julie Walters, she was diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago. The actress also noted that cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes, but not to individual parts of the body.

Harry Potter Star Julie Walters Found Third Stage Cancer

According to 69-year-old Julie Walters, she first went to the doctors a year earlier before she was diagnosed with the disease. Initially, she was upset by the stomach and mild discomfort. Later, these symptoms were added: abdominal pain, vomiting, and heartburn.

The actress had to do computed tomography, after which experts told her about the discovered abnormalities in the intestine, which could be cancer. Just at that moment, the Harry Potter star thought the doctors were wrong. Julie admitted that she received the news about cancer is not easy. Even harder was the news of the illness to her husband.

According to the mojjo, Julie appeared in all parts of the Harry Potter saga as Molly Weasley. The latest planned at the moment film of the actress is “The Mysterious Garden.” Julie Walters herself notes that she may be the last in her career.

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