How Can Thanos Be Defeated In Avengers: Endgame?

Who Will Defeat Thanos in Avengers: Endgame

One of the most talked about things right now is Avengers: Endgame. And what’s really going to be the ending of the final battle. Will Thanos be defeated, and if so, how? There are tons of theories and speculations floating around about all the possible endings this Avengers movie could have. So let’s check out some of them.

Who Will Defeat Thanos in Avengers: Endgame

Infinity War gave us a surprise ending: Thanos Won. With a snap of his fingers, he reduced half of the universe’s population. And some of our favorite heroes- to dust. That’s bad news, but there’s also good news.

The good news is that this isn’t the first time Thanos has won in Marvel history. And our heroes have always found a way to stop him in the end.

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The same way Infinity War wasn’t a traditional adaptation of any comic book story, Thanos’ defeat in Avengers Endgame probably won’t follow a story that we already know.

But, if we look back at some clues in the comic books, we might find some details about what could happen in this final battle. So let’s look at a few of them.

Thanos War, 1974

Who Will Defeat Thanos in Avengers: Endgame

Starting with Thanos War, 1974. Thanos got his hands on the Cosmic Cube and gained omnipotence, and destroyed Earth’s population.

The Thanos War

He almost won the whole fight until Captain Marvel was able to destroy the cube, sending things back to normal. This ending just goes to show that even though he destroyed Earth’s population, which is the ultimate ending, Captain Marvel was still able to defeat him by destroying the cube. Maybe there is a way that the gauntlet can be destroyed in Avengers Endgame. We did see a good attempt in Infinity War when the heroes were almost able to get the gauntlet off of Thanos, which would take away his powers. I mean they did it once, maybe they will do it again and be successful this time.

Death Watch, 1977

Death Watch, 1977

Moving onto another comic we have Death Watch, 1977. Thanos returned for an even greater goal of destruction; he wanted to destroy the entire solar system.

Death Watch

He got pretty close to doing so, while defeating most of the Avengers. And killing his longtime enemy Adam Warlock, by trapping him in the Soul Stone along with Gamora. Thankfully, Spiderman and Thing were able to free everyone trapped inside the soul stone. It’s another clue that shows us Thanos has been defeated and his plans of destruction have been overcome by the heroes. We might see some heroes in Avengers Endgame who are able to team up against the mighty Thanos and ultimately defeat him.

Infinity Gauntlet, 1991.

Infinity Gauntlet, 1991

The purge that we saw at the end of Infinity War is actually the event that kicks off the Infinity Gauntlet comic book series. The series shows Thanos defeat everybody in the Marvel universe. That significant amount of power made Thanos arrogant which led him to be foolish, as he escaped his body to become one with the cosmos.

But his body still held the Infinity Gauntlet so Nebula pounced on it herself and became omnipotent before a group of heroes, plus Thanos, defeated her. Thor responded by striking a deadly blow to Thanos, who faked his death to live a more subdued life. Out of all the Thanos/Infinity Stone related comic books, we could see elements of this one makes their way into Avengers Endgame.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the top contenders that fans think will be able to take out the one and only Thanos.

Captain Marvel

Who Will Defeat Thanos in Avengers: Endgame

She has been titled as the strongest Avenger yet and has the superpowers that people think make her the best equipped to defeat Thanos. One power that she has that no one else has is the ability to absorb energy from an attack and turn it into her own strength.

She can also go into a state called Binary which allows her to manipulate the power of a white hole; this gives her full control and manipulation of stellar energies, heat, and gravity. That might be enough to take out Thanos and really put an end to this game.



He was also one that came close to defeating Thanos during Infinity War. In the trailer for Avengers Endgame, we see Thor is using the Stormbreaker weapon since his hammer was destroyed. This weapon might hold the power that Thor needs to defeat Thanos.

Fans have been speculating saying that in the trailer you can catch a glimpse of Thanos wearing some armor, so that might indicate that he has weakened. That would give the heroes an even better shot at being able to take him down, especially one with a new and more powerful weapon.

Dr. Strange?

Avengers who will defeat thanos in endgame

People had mixed feelings on his little act of kindness when he handed the Infinity Stone over to Thanos in Infinity War. Some fans believe that he saw the sole path to victory which is why he did that.

It’s obvious that Strange doesn’t compare to Thanos when talking about physical strength. But his unique power of time traveling might really benefit him and the rest of the heroes in this final fight. It might even be the final piece that’s able to take Thanos down.



Most fans don’t believe she would be able to take out Thanos on her own but a huge spoiler slipped by Karen Gillan when she hints that she may confront Thanos herself. In Infinity War, she came close to defeating him. But it’s hard to think she would be able to do it all on her own. Another Avenger might give her a hand which could allow her to get her final revenge on her adoptive father.

Iron Man

Iron Man

Most fans online are saying the chances are slim unless he can really beef up his suit, by either adding an Infinity Stone to it or by getting some power and help from another hero. On his own, he will most likely just get a few punches in, but you never know, let’s not rule him out just yet.



In the comics, it gives Gamora a strong chance at killing her adoptive father, and maybe we will be seeing that in this part of the MCU. In one of the new comic series called Infinity Wars Prime, a character named RECK-GWEY-UM
has a powerful new weapon and they use it to decapitate Thanos. In a later scene, the new character’s helmet is broken and their face is revealed, only
to be the one and only Gamora.

Fans are believing that she might be a new surprise character coming to Avengers: Endgame who will ultimately take down Thanos. We’ve all seen that Thanos’ weakness is his emotional attachment to her. So it might be her who ends the whole thing. However, when all is said and done we will be seeing all the heroes in action in the epic battle to take him down.

Each of them will play their part and as we see in the trailer. A group of them are joining forces for one epic battle. We still don’t know who else we will see making their way into the movie so any hero could be the one to defeat him if he’s defeated at all. You just really never know.