How Scarlett Johansson’s Own Divorce Helped Her Prepare for ‘Marriage Story’

How Scarlett Johansson's Own Divorce Helped Her Prepare for 'Marriage Story'
Marriage Story

They say life imitates art, but for Scarlet Johansson, her latest film ‘Marriage Story’ was a bit more like art imitating life. Noah Baumbach’s new feature explores the pain and hardships of divorce with Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver playing an actress and stage director who are seeking an amicable split, but their high-powered attorney’s played by Laura Dern, Alan Alda and Ray Liotta have other plans.

The film was extremely personal for both Baumbach, whose 2013 divorce to actress Jennifer Jason Leigh was the subject of several tabloids and Johansson, whose divorce from Ryan Reynolds in 2011 and Romain Dauriac in 2017 were also highly publicized. The actress explains that her reasons for joining the film were very much based on her own experiences saying,

“There’s so much of all of us in this film that’s out there for everyone to see.”

Johansson says she originally met with the director to discuss the film, not knowing what the project was even about.

“When i met Noah, I was going through a divorce, and I didn’t know what we were meeting about at all. And he didn’t know I was going through a divorce.”

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But the actress says the project “felt sort of fated in a way,” and added,

“It was an experience to share with him and have him share with me. And it somehow came at just th right time.”

The director explains that the thought process behind the film was exploring a marriage by looking at a divorce saying,

“It was something that I discovered in writing is that when something stops working, you actually acknowledge it or recognize it for the first time.”

Marriage Story premieres in Venice on Thursday. The film will hit theaters for a limited release on Nov. 6 before streaming on Netflix on Dec. 6.