How To Play The Division 2 Beta

How To Play The Division 2 Private Beta
How To Play The Division 2 Private Beta

The Division 2 Beta: The Division 2 private beta is running right now, but it’s not too late to jump in if you want to. The only guaranteed way to play is to pre-order.

Digital pre-orders on PS4 and Xbox One will get you to access automatically, while physical copies will come with a code you’ll need to redeem.

Epic will send you a PC code if you pre-ordered through the Epic Games Store. If you don’t wanna pre-order the game, you can sign up on the official Division 2 website for a chance to receive a code.

The beta itself includes two main missions, five side missions, a new Dark Zone, and other open-world activities. It’s got a level cap of 30.

Additionally, an endgame mission will unlock on February 8th at 1 AM Pacific / 4 AM Eastern/ 4 PM in the UK, so you can see what the later hours of the game look like.

The Division 2 fully releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 15th.