Joker (2019): Things You Missed In The Joker Trailer

Things You Missed In The Joker Trailer

There are some details that go by so quickly in the final trailer for Todd Phillips‘ Joker you could hardly be blamed for not noticing them, while others are subtle thematic touches that speak to exactly what kind of Joker we’re dealing with here.


Poor Joker

You see him on a bus which seems to be filled with people who are also struggling economically. And you can also see him wearing some really old and really almost kind of like hand-me-down clothes may be something that he found at Value Village. You definitely get the idea that he doesn’t come from money.


Joker Trailer

You might have missed this, but one major guest for fans is where this takes place Is it like Batman 89 where they mixed the 80s with the 50s because for the trailer of this you see a lot of old CRT television sets in a lot of old cars which make fans wonder is it set in the 70s 80s or 90s? Either way, We know that it is not set in the modern world that we know of today

Bruises on his back

Things You Missed In Joker Trailer 2019

Something happened to his back that you aren’t quite sure maybe this is when he got beaten up in the film from the thugs who steal his sign at least from the other trailer that We’ve seen.

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But you can also see he’s taking his frustration out on a clown shoe Which may be an indication that this happened after that?

His Mom

Joker Mom

Based off of the last trailer prior to this. We see him talking with an older woman Which might be an indication that this is his mother. the other thing to take away from this is that this woman is sick maybe She’s dying because she’s on a ventilator.

No Guns

No Guns

One beautiful thing about this film is it’s said that a gun doesn’t go off for the first 45 minutes of the film, but if you look in the trailer, you don’t really see a single gun at all. And even in the one prior you only see maybe one gun, that’s it.

The Laughs

The Laughs

We found this one weird that he laughs really hard in a hallway in the trailer. And then one second Later, he just goes back to being calm cool and collected Is he practicing his laughs or is he really truly nuts?



one thing that I’ve noticed here is that they’ve kind of taken from every single Joker except for Jared Leto. You have the masks and the paint on the face like Heath Ledger’s But the vest is the same color as Jack Nicholson’s shirt and the suit color is close to Cesar Romero’s suit, which is more of a purplish maroon. His jacket is a little bit more like Ledger’s like Jack Nicholson and Cesar Romero wore a waist cut jacket.

Social Worker

Social Worker

So clearly he’s in a building or in a room talking to somebody having a smoke about his life. And That woman does not identify as a psychologist, but her name tag states that she is a social worker. So she’s also part of the Department of Health which gives us an indication that this is a government system, not a private psychiatrist.


Joker 2019 Romance

There’s a kissing scene Indicating that there’s not just mayhem on the go, but also maybe a little bit of romance with a certain character.

The Murders

The Murders

If you didn’t notice this in the Joker trailer there is a newspaper and in the headline, it says the latest on the murders Underneath that you see a man and a clown mask as the culprit Indicating that he might be behind it all and perhaps maybe in this film you see him a little bit more of a serial killer. I also want to point out that in this trailer this is the first time in a while that I’ve seen a Major character smoking finally a film that has a little more mature content behind it.