Killing Eve Season 2 Premiere Explained

Killing Eve Season two

Killing Eve is back and Season 2 picks up right where the first season left off. Eve ended up stabbing Villanelle out of pure passion and rage, especially since Villanelle did take out Eve’s partner.

This was the first big intimate moment between the two main characters and the way it concludes, with Eve’s knife plunged into Villanelle stomach is a perfect summation of the strange relationship these two really have. At one point you’re even wondering if they’re going to get together, it really can go either way here.

Eve has to rush back home and pretend like everything is ok and she didn’t just nearly stab someone. Meanwhile, Villanelle has to escape EMTs who are not really EMTs but assassins sent possibly by the mysterious Twelve to take Villanelle out. Ever resourceful of course, Villanelle does manage to escape and go to a hospital to get her wounds treated.

This is where she makes friends with a young patient there, Gabriel, and arguably the best part of this Season 2 premiere kicks off. The strange, shortly timed friendship Villanelle conjures up with Gabriel. He helps her steal an ID, lab coat and lets her wear his pajamas and crocs. The perfect way to sneak past everyone.

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Killing Eve season 2

Gabriel agrees to help her on one condition if she takes a look at the injuries on his face. And knowing Villanelle and what she’s all about, she doesn’t’ waste any time telling him how messed up he looks now. It seems there’s a point of no return for poor Gabriel and Villanelle doesn’t really show any other emotions besides disgust.

Later on, in the episode, Gabriel starts to cry and wishes he died alongside his parents in a recent accident and I guess Villanelle takes this very seriously. While hugging the poor kid she just snaps his neck before driving away in a minivan to London.

This scene is what makes Villanelle so fascinating. You’re constantly wondering if you should root for her or discard her with disgust and hatred. Because she does take out away innocent characters on the show without beating an eyelid. But there’s pain underneath that cool exterior, as her conversation with Eve back in season 1 showed. It’s not like Villanelle chose to be this way.

She was handpicked, forever marked to be an assassin without any feelings or remorse towards human life. We do learn there’s this willingness to change and be better, no matter how much she’ll refuse to admit that. And perhaps Eve felt that as well, which is why she’s become so obsessed with this assassin. Eve has this desire to make Villanelle better and to help her.

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Killing Eve Season two

But when you do see stuff like her snapping the neck of a poor kid who doesn’t know what he’s actually saying, wishing his death only out of pure passion and anger, you do wonder if Villanelle is beyond help at this point.

But that moment with Gabriel can also be seen as a moment of weakness, with Villanelle showing mercy to Gabriel and saving him from a life of tragedy and sadness. Maybe, just maybe, Eve is getting to her. That this change is happening and taking shape.

Villanelle’s transformation will most definitely be a major focus in this new season. And with Eve, she gets the less interesting scenes in the premiere but it still establishes where she’s at. Her marriage is suffering because of her newfound obsession but Eve knows she needs to get back in the game and figure out what Villanelle’s next move is.

Will Eve try to hunt her down or help Villanelle in her journey to uncover who in the world is in charge of the Twelve. And what do they want from Villanelle. It’s the perfect way to establish the big story threads here and a great way to kick off this second season.

It’s going to be yet another game of cat and mouse, but it won’t just involve Eve and Villanelle this time around. It does seem more and more likely the two will be forced to work together to take on an even bigger evil and threat.