Marvel Avengers: End Game Trailer Explained

Avengers End Game

Hello guys, welcome to this article we will talk about “Avengers: Endgame Trailer Explained” Also I’m warning you now that there will be spoilers if you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War. With that let’s get to Avengers: End Game Trailer Explained

When the trailer begins we see a solo Tony Stark drifting through space. He looks exhausted and from what we can tell doesn’t have many ideas as to how he can get back to Earth. Tony decides to use what remains of his Iron Man helmet to send out one last message to Pepper Potts.

In the recording, he tells Pepper that he’s out of food, water and only has a day or so left of oxygen. It appears as though Tony is riding in the Milano aka Starlords ship. The last time we saw Tony he was stranded on Titan with Nebula.

However, because the first shot of the trailer shows him alone that could point to the fact that the two either parted ways or Tony was so desperate to get back to Earth that he took the ship and escaped.

After that, we cut back to what seems to be Earth and get a terrific shot of Thanos armor hanging in scarecrow or as the kids to call it t-pose fashion. After that we see Thanos walking through a field very leisurely.

Almost as if after he did what he said he was going to do, he decided to take a vacation. The hanging up of his battle armor and the casual stroll through the field means that Thanos isn’t expecting anyone to come back and take revenge. This could mean that whatever new team of Avengers forms will have the element of surprise on their side

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Then we flash to the Avengers base where we see Captain America mourning the loss of his friends while Natasha explains to Cap and Banner that Thanos wiped out 50 percent of all living creatures. For a brief moment, we see Bruce standing behind two screens showing exactly who is missing from their friend group. They show Scott Lang aka Ant-Man and on the other screen, we see Shuri right before it changes to Peter Parker.

We know for sure that Spidey was dusted in the last film remember how I said there was spoilers but what we didn’t know was where exactly Shuri was. Many believed that she survived and was set to take on the mantle of Black Panther, but because she is on the same screen as Peter, that could point to the character having an off-screen death.

This would be very upsetting for fans but is a possibility with even the Russo Brothers naming her as one of the many off-screen deaths that occurred.

At this point the team doesn’t know that Tony is still alive, well they don’t know who exactly is alive for that matter. With a shot of Thor twiddling his thumbs it appears as though even the God of Thunders spirit has been broken by this. The next shot shows Nebula on a space ship and placing her hand on someone’s shoulder.

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Who this person is we have to wait to find out. Many speculate that it could be The Collector which would be interesting. Also, consider this Nebula and Rocket were the only two Guardians of The Galaxy that survived the snappening.

It’s rumored that this film will use a time travel plot to retrieve the infinity stones before Thanos gets them and fulfill the one future that Doctor Strange said they could win. With Rocket alive, he knows where to find the Power Stone.

Which funny enough is the same as the purple coloring the End Game logo got for the film? Meaning that the Power Stone could play a big role and so could Rocket. Nebula is also most likely the only one who knows where the soul stone could be so the two of them working together would be great.

Then comes the reveal of Hawkeye who is now going by Ronin with the reveal of the lone samurai in the streets of Japan. This is a great character change for Hawkeye and with Natasha discovering him means we will be getting an all-new Avengers line-up.

With this new team of Avengers, Thor can find the reality stone. If Tony is saved or finds a way to make it back he would know where the time stone would be and could revisit Doctor Strange to have him explain the right path to success.

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We also see Natasha encouraging Steve that this is going to work to which he says I know it will because I don’t know what I’m going to do if it doesn’t.

This could be hinting at the time travel aspect I was talking about earlier setting forth this plan to collect and hide the stones before Thanos gets them. The possibility for time travel comes as a result of the final clip we see in the trailer

Scott Lang is back from the quantum realm with his van to access the multiverse. With Ant-Man and his newfound knowledge to help the team things are going to get very interesting.

As to the finding of the infinity stones theory I mentioned, I left out space and mind stone. With the space stone, they would have to travel back to final battle in New York to retrieve it after its very public reveals and for the mind stone that one may be a little heartbreaking. As you’ll remember Vision has the mind stone in his head so taking that would mean wiping him from existence.