Netflix tells how to remove previews of automatic playback

All of us who are Netflix users have gone through it. Who has not been nervous while choosing to see a Saturday night and have skipped thousands of automatic reproductions as we passed over the different options?

Obviously, the platform has had to hear thousands of complaints about it from its millions of subscribers, which have made it clear that these previews are not precisely helpful. Well, when we thought it would never happen, the streaming platform has taken pity on these complaints and has finally revealed a way to disable them.

“Some people find this feature useful. Others not so much. We’ve heard the comments out loud and clear: users can now control whether or not they see previews of automatic playback on Netflix.”

With these words, the platform gave us joy, and these are the steps to follow if we want to end these previews:

First things: log in to Netflix through a web browser. From here, we will Manage profiles to be able to select a specific profile or select them all. Within this option, we must remove the asterisk in the Automatic reproduction of the advances … And voilà! We don’t have it anymore.

Undoubtedly, a great strategy on the part of the company, which aims to keep its users happy, especially with the rise of other competing companies such as HBO, Amazon or the impending Disney+.


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