New on Netflix in April 2020 List

Also in April, Netflix will again come with a whole laundry list of films and series. And not with the minor titles: the streaming service will soon throw out a number of major films such as ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ and ‘The Breakfast Club’ online! Just sit down for it.


Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

You read it right. This Oscar-winning film that was still in the cinema at the end of last year, is already on Netflix from April 13! Quentin Tarantino goes back to the hippie time in Hollywood. Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio finally play together in a film and that produces beautiful images.

The Addams Family

From April 1, the Addams Family back on Netflix! To be precise, this is the 1991 film. We see in this film how criminals plan to defraud the eccentric family. For this reason, one of the accomplices claims to be their long-lost uncle.

American Reunion

Despite the fact that a number of scenes are now really no longer possible, the successor to American Pie will soon appear on Netflix anyway. American Reunion – in which the protagonists have seen each other for a long time – will be on the streaming service from April 10.

How to Fix a Drug Scandal

From April 1, you can also check ‘How to Fix a Drug Scandal’ on Netflix. In 2013, 35-year-old Sonja Farak was arrested in Massachusetts for tampering with evidence. However, it turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg … Farak turned out to use the drugs she had to test as a chemist herself!

The Breakfast Club

Just like the Sixteen Candles mentioned above, The Breakfast Club will also appear on Netflix on April 10! And that makes us very happy. This film by John Hughes is one of our favorite eighties comedies ever.

Jaws movies

From April 10 you can go to Netflix for 3 Jaws movies! These are Jaws 2, Jaws 3 and Jaws: The Revenge! As you all probably know, the Jaws movies are all about a shark, who likes to put a bite of human meat on the menu…

Meet Joe Black

You can find two great Brad Pitt movies on Netflix this month. On April 10 it will be time for the classic: Meet Joe Black. Pitt plays death in this! Fortunately, that is a lot less sinister than it sounds.

The Willoughbys

Netflix is ​​also thinking of the little ones this month! From April 22 you can make them happy with the animated film The Willoughbys. The film is based on the book of the same name. With voice work by Ricky Gervais and Terry Crews, among others, we suspect that The Willoughbys will be quite fun for adults too!

Late Night

From April 27 is Late Night on Netflix. In this film, we follow Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson), a legendary talk show presenter. She hires Molly (Mindy Kaling) as a writer in a men’s stronghold. Maybe Molly will be late, however, because her ratings are not going so well. However, Molly is determined to get her boss back on top!


Nailed It – season 4

Can’t you bake? Neither did the participants of Nailed It. They try to recreate beautiful baking as best they can. But of course, that goes completely wrong. Luckily presenter Nicole Byer knows how to deal with this very funny. Season 1 can be watched from April 1!

Money Heist: Part 4

The Professor thinks Lisbon has been executed, Rio and Tokyo have just blown up an army tank and Nairobi is fighting for her life… The new season – which can be seen from April 3 – is again full of chaos. Meanwhile, the planned robbery is seriously endangered by an enemy in their midst. PS Don’t forget that accompanying documentary either!

Community – all episodes

We immediately open the month well! From April 1 – which is no joke – all Episodes of Community can be seen.

Outer Banks

Outer Banks follows a group of teenagers in a fictional city on the Outer Banks. They fall victim to a hurricane, which immediately shuts down all facilities, including electricity and the internet. You can check how the teens deal with this on Netflix from April 15.

After Life Season 2

After Life is a brilliant ‘dramedy’ (a mix between drama and comedy) starring Ricky Gervais. He plays Tony, a man who shits on everyone and everything after his wife dies. When lovers start to worry, Tony has to think carefully about what he really wants with his life. The second season of After Life will be on Netflix from April 24


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