Nintendo Switch Lite Announced: Release Date, Price

Nintendo Switch Lite Announced!

Nintendo fans another console has been added to the Switch family and will be hitting stores reportedly on September 20th. The lite will come in three different colors, Yellow, Gray, and Turquoise and retails for about $200 dollars in the US. Nintendos president Doug Bowser said – Adding Nintendo Switch Lite to the lineup gives gamers more color and price point options. Now consumers can choose the system that best suits how they like to play their favorite Nintendo Switch games.

For most the color option isn’t really a selling point, but rather that $200 dollar price point instead of the near $300 dollar that it costs for the grown-up Nintendo Switch. The confusing thing with the release of this console is that they are somehow making the lack of accessible features part of its promotion.

They even brag that it doesn’t have the detachable Joy-Con controllers and that in order to play some games you’ll need to buy them separately. So if that’s the case, why wouldn’t we just buy the original switch. There’s, not much extra being added to the value of this new console other than a color and price point change. It’s really just design changes versus any new software updates. The Nintendo Switch Lite will have a smaller 5.5-inch screen which is a step down from the 6.2-inch grown-up Switch screen.

According to the specs, it will also weigh less than the original and boasts a longer battery life which they claim ranges from three to seven hours of play. Which is a pretty wide range to claim, 3 to 7? You might as well say 3 to 5 hours if you’re gaming constantly, but 7 hours if you’re using it as a drink coaster.

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Heres the need to know – especially before you consider buying, The lite will be able to play all games on the Nintendo Switch Library that support the handheld mode. Although as I said before Nintendo noted that some games will have restrictions.

Specifically the HD rumble support and IR camera that comes with the Joy-Cons. Looking at the side by side comparisons for the device on the Nintendo official website really makes wanting to spend $200 dollar on this thing difficult. I mean it really offers up nothing new that the original wasn’t already doing and might I add doing much much better. There’s no TV mode, no Tabletop mod, no Joy-Con controllers, it’s simply just a handheld device and that’s it. The reason why the switch was so popular was the ability to play at home and take it on the go.

It wasn’t just the on the go ability that had us excited about the console. According to a hands-on report by The Verge, they said that the device supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC. So it’s essentially a phone for kids because anyone who has the switch and a mobile phone knows that the handheld device also fits your phone to make for a better mobile gaming experience. Which looks like Nintendo is trying to re-engineer with the lite version. It’s just a phone for children.

Enough with picking apart this new device through its the announcement that we really want to dive into. Why is it that in every commercial for an on the go console that they show people playing while immersed in some of the most breathtaking environments.

Nintendo Switch Lite Announced!

Theres people staring at the screen while people are rock climbing, theres people Ferris wheels going on, people skateboarding, but they never look up, not even once

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The one that got to me the most was the astronaut, If an astronaut went through all of the work it takes to become an astronaut and then actually gets the rare opportunity to climb into a rocket that blasts him through the ozone into space, I doubt on his way to the international space station hell be thinking – hmm I hope I brought my Nintendo Switch Lite because this looks like its going to get really boring.

Hey, Nintendo if you want to sell this properly you need to make it more realistic. They should have had people playing this while waiting at the bus stop or while standing in line to get a flu shot. Relatable things that are boring to wait for, thus the need to distract yourself. Not while camping in front of a beautiful mountain range. Like your going to be deciding one morning, hmm do I hike the mountain range and marvel at Mother Natures beauty or do I play Smash bros.

Thankfully the console will not just be released in 3 colors, but a special edition for Pokemon Sword and Shield is also available for pre-order. Although it comes out November 8th and even though its a Pokemon special edition, it doesn’t come with either Pokemon Sword or Shield. Shocking. And that has been all the news as of yet on the Nintendo Switch Lite Announcement.