Olga Buzova unzipped clothes and showed her enlarged chest

Olga Buzova unzipped clothes and showed her enlarged chest

The famous Russian TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova, who became popular thanks to her participation in the reality show “Dom-2“, showed her fans her increased virtues.

The 34-year-old TV presenter shared new photos with her followers on Instagram. According to the mojjo, Olga Buzova decided to take a picture in front of the mirror, showing her fans her increased virtues.

In the photographs, the TV presenter is in a red suit. At the same time, she unbuttoned her jacket, thereby opening the most important for the audience. It is worth noting that Olga Buzova herself maintains her dignity with one hand, demonstratively showing him in the camera.

Netizens began to discuss what was shown by Olga Buzova. Some admitted that the dignity of the presenter really increased: “Wow, solid three!”. However, others suggested that she used some kind of fraud to visually increase the size of her charms. “It’s very noticeable that photoshop,” wrote one of the users. “Maybe she puts on rubber over her neck,” suggested another commentator.

The remaining users decided not to find out exactly how the advantages of the TV presenter increased, but simply noted the beautiful suit worn on Olga.

As the mojjo notes, some users have long begun to notice and write about Olga Buzova’s changed forms. Some believe that the reason for this is the possible pregnancy of a famous TV presenter, which she is hiding for now.