Olivia Culpo Opens Up About Battle With Depression: I Was Emotionally Bankrupt

Olivia Culpo Recalls Painful Depression Battle
Olivia Culpo Recalls Painful Depression Battle

Olivia Culpo recalls painful depression battle in raw Instagram post. The beauty Queen opened up about her personal struggles telling followers that she recently faced a “difficult situation That left her “mentally, emotionally and spiritually bankrupt” and took a noticeable physical toll.

Olivia Culpo illustrated her journey with side-by-side photos. A current one in which she looks healthy and happy and another she admitted was taken during a low point. She wrote,

“I had no appetite was drinking way too much, smoking, couldn’t sleep and couldn’t eat,”

Olivia Culpo Recalls Painful Depression Battle

Adding that she was “pretending everything was great” and trying to maintain a positive public image despite what was really going on.

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The 27-year-old went on to assure fans that she’s now in a much better place but emphasized that the pressures of social media can affect anyone and she wants to use her platform to encourage awareness and honesty.

“The feeling of despair is a relatable one,” she explained. “So I feel a responsibility to anyone else going through something difficult to say that it’s ok to not be ok.