Overwatch and 2 more games are available for free

Blizzard, along with other development studios, decided to please gamers and launched a new promotion, in which Overwatch and 2 more games are available for free.

A new promotion with free weekend access has already begun. It will last until 10 am Moscow time on Monday, March 16. A free weekend allows players without the purchase of Overwatch to enjoy the team battles of the popular shooter. Gamers have access to the full version of the game with all modes and characters. All progress over the weekend will be saved. If players want to buy a game, they will receive all the skins and other content open during this time.

Overwatch and 2 more games are available for free

Another 2 games are also taking part in this action. For fans of realistic shooters available Verdun game about the First World War. Players are invited to take part in the most famous battles of the positional (trench) war on the Western Front. The emphasis on realism makes the shooter very difficult, as characters die instantly even from one bullet.

The third game in the framework of the free weekend was the racing simulator NASCAR Heat 4. This is a realistic game dedicated to the dynamic and very tough racing of NASCAR. It is worth noting that during the free available discounts on NASCAR Heat 4 and Verdun are available.

All 3 games are available for free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers on Xbox One. Every weekend these users participate in such promotions, receive special offers in the digital store, and also take away 4 free games forever each month.


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