PlayStation 5 hasn't been delayed by the coronavirus outbreak

Today we will have new data on PS5. Mark Cerny (who is the architect of the machine, and was also a PS4 designer) will appear in a video that will be broadcast on the PlayStation Blog at 17:00, with the content that Sony intended to reveal during the Game Developers Conference (GDC 2020) which is also being celebrated by streaming. But before the presentation of PlayStation 5, we have known some data, through the publication Let´s Go Digital (who is in charge of making the 3D models of the Dualshock 5 controller and the PS5 development kit starting of the first leaks).

First, the website anticipates the celebration of a series of Sony PlayStation 5 Experience Zone events. It is an area dedicated to the new console in the Bonami museum of video game history and will be one of the first PS5 to arrive in the Netherlands in the coming months.

The news does not end there. Before Cerny talks about the final characteristics of the PS5 (we may also finally see the exterior design of the machine and the controller, in addition to confirming details about the backward compatibility) Let´s Go Digital has also obtained some interesting statements from the agency communication BAAS who is in charge of promoting PlayStation products in the Netherlands.

PlayStation 5 hasn't been delayed by the coronavirus outbreak

According to BAAS PS5, it has not suffered any delay due to the coronavirus outbreak, COVID-19, and therefore the launch date for Christmas 2020 is maintained. Remember that today at 17:00 (Spanish peninsular time) you can continue in Hobby consoles the presentation of PS5.

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A few days ago, DFC Intelligence, one of the leading research agencies in the video game industry, said that there is a good chance that one of these next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft, – perhaps both even – will not comply with the objective set to launch this year 2020; The reason would be the lack of supplies that has caused the COVID-19 crisis.

“The impact that the coronavirus will have will affect the arrival of both systems. It is very likely that one, or both systems, will not debut in 2020. If launched, supplies will be affected and the initial price would be higher than expected. Currently, the economic state is uncertain, even if the situation clears up in a few weeks, the manufacture and launch of the consoles will already have a great impact. “

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Although not everything is bad in this report, as he agrees with IHS Markit’s Piers Hardit-Rolls on consumer demand: “The good news is that demand will be higher than ever. It will outpace supplies. and long-term sales. In addition, cautious public and government sourcing will help ensure this crisis in the short to medium term. Both platforms will launch to see public demand, Sony and Microsoft face the `challenge to launch and meet expectations. “


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