PlayStation 5 is Confirmed: What Can We Expect from It?

Playstation 5 Is Confirmed! What Can We Expect from It?
PlayStation 5

It’s one of the biggest known secrets in the video game world. The PlayStation 5! While it’s been a foregone conclusion that we would eventually get Sony’s next-gen console, there were only rumors and speculation about when that would be. Until now!

Thanks to a blog post on Sony’s PlayStation website, we finally have our first concrete details about the system. Namely, it’s the official name. The PlayStation 5.

And that it will be dropping on store shelves next year for the holiday season. Luckily, the details didn’t stop there.

Thanks to an exclusive with the folks over at we also found out a number of other cool tidbits, like how it will lose the traditional spinning hard drive for a solid-state drive, which means not just quicker load times, but also more efficient access to a game’s data.

So instead of just duplicating assets like bushes, cars, and NPCs, game developers can use that space to create even more and varied detailed worlds.

The PS5 will also revamp both the user interface from the minimalist version of the PS4 home screen and the game installation process, allowing fans to just install the portion of the game they want: Multi-player or the campaign.

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Expect the controller to get a bit of an overhaul as well. Instead of rumble functionality, it will now have haptic feedback, a feature that will offer resistance with the triggers.

For example, using a bow will provide tension on the fingers as you pull back the arrow. Or, if your character is trudging through mud, the controller will feel slow and soggy versus traveling on ice, which will be more of a gliding sensation.

On top of all of that, the new system’s hardware will also support ray-tracing, a form of graphical rendering that simulates high-level visual realism but is usually reserved for high-end computers.

All in all, of the minimal details given, these are all improvements that we can get behind. However, we still have so many boxes that need to be ticked on our PS5 wishlist, so let’s break them down now.

(1): We want more cross-play with other consoles and systems. It’s well known in the gaming community that Sony has been very resistant to cross-platform play in years past. And while they recently started testing it out with both Fortnite and Rocket League, as gamers we want them to fully embrace their Microsoft and Nintendo brothers as we head into this new era of gaming.

PlayStation 5

(2): We want the PS5 to continue their push with high-profile AAA exclusives. With every exclusive like “God of War” or “Uncharted”. Sony pushes the boundaries of their consoles and really shows us what the new system is capable of. Ultimately, they become a one-of-a-kind experience. So let’s keep that ball rolling.

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That all being said, we would love the PS5 to be more involved in the indie game scene. Back in July, it was reported that the Sony CEO wanted the PS5 to focus more on AAA titles over independent games.

Well, this is a major disappointment since indie games are getting more and more popular! Hell, even the new remake of “Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening” got outshined by an indie game where people play as a goose.

Another feature we want to see in the new PlayStation is to not have a hard cap at 60 frames per second. PC gaming has always had the edge with frame rates and resolutions, and we want to see a console step up to the challenge and push the boundaries of what consoles can do.

Let people take advantage of their fancy monitors and TVs. Overall, we can’t wait to find out more about the PlayStation 5 in the coming months leading up to the Holiday 2020 release. Here’s hoping they actually show up to E3 next year!

But what do you folks think? What do you hope to see in the PS5? Do you think it’s too soon for a new console? And which PlayStation exclusive game is your favorite: “PaRappa the Rapper” or “Ridge Racer”?