PlayStation Plus (PS+) September 2019 Free Games

PlayStation Plus (PS+) September 2019 Free Games

Sony has unveiled the PlayStation Plus (PS+) free games for September 2019. Remember though we cannot download these into the first Tuesday of the month.

Batman Arkham Knight

PlayStation Plus September 2019

The final chapter in Rocksteady’s take on the Caped Crusader first released back in 2015. If you played any of the Arkham series you know how great the action feels, taking on numerous foes without seemingly breaking a sweat, but there is more than mindless button-bashing here timing and knowledge of your surroundings are needed to perfect the free-flowing fisticuffs.

In terms of story, Batman is back in Gotham taking on scarecrow the Joker and many other marquee bad guys, but this time around his Batmobile is here, which is almost the main character in this outing with exploration action scenes and puzzles taking Batman’s ride into account. I mean it’s straight-up turns into a tank on command, it’s really weird, but in a nice way, it gives missions variety an average player will take about 13 hours to get through this one but those side quests.

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They could take you another 20 hours not because they’re hard just because there’s so many of them, then on top of that we have challenge maps and good hold New Game+. The reviews have Batman Arkham Knight ranges from about 7 to a perfect 10 out of 10.

Darksiders 3

PlayStation Plus September 2019 Free Games

Next up is another great game which I beg you to try. This is Darksiders 3 from late 2018, it isn’t even a year old yet. You play as fury one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse following a war between the angels and demons you are sent to claim the seven deadly sins. If you played the other games you know how great the lore is on the dark side of the series.

Ultimately Darksiders 3 is a hack and slash game at its core, but there is more than just simple button-bashing again understanding the weaknesses of each enemy is vital to defeating them quickly and preventing them from overwhelming you.

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We are able to upgrade our character such as weapons which are integral to process further into the game. Fury has multiple attacks to master, but you’ll quickly discover which are your favorites and rarely change unless forced and just when you getting comfortable Darksiders 3 throws a boss at you and they are out for blood you are going to die multiple times in that way it feels like a Souls born game.

There are some puzzles too just in case I’m making this seem like it’s combat-focused, but guess what? it really is combat-focused. So what are you feeling about PlayStation Plus September 2019?