Priyanka Chopra spills the “weird” difference between being married and having a boyfriend

Priyanka Chopra spills the weird difference between being married and having a boyfriend
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

The actress may have just celebrated new sister-in-law Sophie Turner tying the knot with Joe Jonas but more than six months after her own high-profile wedding to Joe’s brother, Nick Priyanka Chopra still isn’t over being a newlywed herself!. she told Elle UK,

“I never realized having a husband and a boyfriend are such different things,”

“When you say your vows, it’s like,this person is my family, and it’s the family i chose”

Priyanka Chopra explained that marriage comes with a “weird responsibilty” but also a comforting “safety” And that she and nick are still “learning about each other every day”.

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The couple went all out for thier multi-day celebration last year and even Priyanka herself admitted that the “extravagant” festivities may have been more overwhelming than thy’d initially expected. she recalled,

“we had one-and-a-half months to plan, so we were just like, ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s get it,'” “and suddenly we were like, ‘ohhh god'”

Priyanka Chopra is happy that she and Nick made the most of their nuptials especially since they have no desire to ever go through it all again. she joked,

“Hopefully you do it just once,