Paramount and Sega have released a brand spanking new Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer and it’s gone from looking like absolute garbage to just a regular mediocre adaptation of a beloved property from our childhood that likely won’t be remembered except for when it’s brought up on top 10 lists.

That’s a little harsh, but we gotta commend the animators who really nailed fixing Sonic’s look. And the trailer looks significantly better than the last, and that IS an accomplishment (and really, it was rock bottom before, so at least they can only go up from here).


Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last several months, Sega and
Paramount is working on a live-action Sonic feature film which stars James Marsden as some dude and Jim Carrey as Doctor Robotnik.

And when the first trailer and promo materials were released a few months back, they were horrifying. Sonic had a weird little body, human teeth, and very human legs and everyone was uncomfortable about it (particularly those on Twitter).

After the immense backlash, the film’s producers decided to make a decision that many scoffed at; let’s spend a crap ton of money (likely thousands upon thousands) to redesign Sonic and fix this film so that Sonic’s already built-in fan base won’t hate it.

Personally, I could’ve done without a CGI Sonic altogether, but apparently Sega and Paramount wholeheartedly believe this is something people want.

So those poor animators working on the film probably didn’t see their families for months, but at least we can look at Sonic without feeling sick!

The film’s release date was pushed from this year to next because of the work that had to go into revamping the animated CGI Sonic.

This trailer, aside from featuring Sonic reading a Flash comic book, gives us a better idea of the movie’s plot, featuring a very expositional voiceover from the blue blur himself describing how on his home planet (Mobius) everyone kept trying to take his powers. That’s why he came to our planet.

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We get a montage of Sonic doing lonely things, hanging out in his little liar, playing Earth games by himself like ping pong and baseball. After a scene of him playing baseball goes haywire and he causes a blackout (something
we knew happened thanks to the last trailer) we’re brought back to some familiar footage featuring James Marsden – the scene that was turned into a thousand memes.

We have more context as to why Marsden and Sonic are driving around together (Robotnik is clearly after him, and we even get a scene of Marsden punching Carrey in the face).

The trailer’s focus seems to be more so about showing how much jovial fun the film contains versus making Sonic look cool (which does feel like more of a relief).

They’ve also swapped out the embarrassing soundtrack from the last trailer (Gangster’s Paradise) with The Ramones’ Blitzkrieg Bop (which feels a little ripped off from the MCU’s Sider-Man who recently used it if we’re being perfectly honest). But at least it’s a better fit.

All in all, it feels as if Paramount took some major cues from the fans backlash and have positioned the film to be much more like what the fans wanted. Which is good.

But now it’s your turn to tell us what you think of the new Sonic trailer. Do you think it’ll do the character justice? Or do you think that it’s still going to be bad, even with Sonic’s brand new design?