If the Hollywood mantra for making blockbuster movies is fast then the creators of “Sonic the Hedgehog” (“Sonic: The Movie”) ignored it wisely. The little blue alien that runs faster than the speed of light has ironically benefited from slowing down, making a technical stop to retrofit and emerge as a true delight.

“Sonic the Hedgehog”, which respects the brand’s rich history and still welcomes new fans, is a pleasant film for both adults and their little aliens. “We hit the spot!” Sonic shouts at some point and that would be a suitable summary for the film.

Sonic The Hedgehog Review

Finally, the day came when we could see the Sonic movie, one of the most beloved and iconic video game characters. The truth is that it has given a lot to talk about in recent times and fans have been waiting for this new adaptation and this new Sonic design.

After watching the movie we can say yes, officially, this movie is not a disaster. I can not say that I did not enjoy it and the truth could happen a whole Sunday seeing how good Sonic looks in this live-action. Outside of some dumb moments, the movie is the beautiful adaptation we needed, and an example for future video game-inspired movies.

First of all, Sonic: the movie is one of the best video game movies I’ve seen. Or put another way, it is one of the first that does not stink and is an enjoyable and even fun film product. It is important that that is clear before I try to shred the film because I will throw here and there a little something that I would not like to call hate (which as we all know is the most honest hate).

Sonic The Hedgehog Review

Remember when they released the first trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog? The internet went on fire and even the Super Mario Bros. movie rolled in his grave. Looking back in hindsight, perhaps the reaction was very scandalous and personally it wouldn’t bother me that this trailer was kept as a little short of horror in the secret internet archives (here among us, YouTube).

Turning to the next page, the new design is great and is obviously one of my favorite things in the movie (and probably many children and adults too). I would even say that he is capable of bringing a Sonic fever to 2020, and I can’t wait to see the memes.

I’m sure that if I were a child, Sonic the Hedgehog would have become one of my favorite movies instantly. To a large extent because the Sonic of this live-action is a perfectly balanced character between the great and the adorable, something to which his design contributes. But more than that, Sonic is a beautiful story about friendship.

Sonic The Hedgehog: Story

That’s right, the movie tells the story of a lonely Sonic who has lived hidden from humans on Earth for a long time, and all he wants is a friend. It is impossible to resist and not feel sorry for our dear blue hedgehog.

The whole movie revolves around this theme, and that is why we can grant you several things. Who cares that the hedgehog has left another dimension? Or from another galaxy? Or where from? Who makes a noise that can speak with the voice of Luisito Comunica this being from another world? These are things that might bother someone as fussy as I am, but they didn’t bother me.

Sonic will not be the movie that Sonic’s most hardcore fans expected, full of references and winks to the classic games and other adaptations we’ve seen on the screen, but it’s not a bad movie at all. The first thing that Sonic is grateful for is that he knows what it is: a tape that everyone can enjoy with family or friends. Some might believe it is a movie for children, but it has a beautiful and powerful message that nobody can ignore.

I even think that it is a good idea that they have put fans in brackets to some extent (that is, we already know that the design was largely done again because of their pressure) because that allowed the film to cook well.

It is possible that, if you wanted to put three decades of Sonic in 99 minutes, things would not have turned out so well. That means that Sonic the movie is not such an ambitious project in terms of what contributes to the universe of the character of Sega, but on the other hand, it has a few good jokes, good times and a Sonic of $35 million dollars. Seriously, in Sega, they did not miss the opportunity to show off their pet in every minute of the tape.

On the other hand, there are a few references to viral phenomena of recent years such as Fortnite. That’s right, get ready to see the Sonic floss. I remember the moment I saw him. There was a small pause in the room, adults mostly confused at the laughter of children who understood the reference. This only confirms that Sonic: the movie is for all ages and is loaded with small tastes for everyone.

One thing that will bother the most inveterate fans of the character is that some of the most iconic elements of video games do not appear in the film. It is true that we have the rings, which acquire the function of opening portals to teleport people and hedgehogs (we saw them in trailers), but the Chaos Emeralds do not appear here or there. Although, to tell the truth, the fanservice did not wait, because the post-credit scene brings a dear friend of Sonic who is looking for his favorite blue hedgehog…

Jim Carrey returned … to be Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik technically works, although Carrey’s performance does it all. I mean that the characterization of the villain never manages to take off completely. Most of the time you will see him with his scandalous pointed mustache and a black raincoat, and that’s it. It is hard to believe that you are facing the fearsome, intelligent and perverse Eggman and not facing a not-so-young Jim Carrey with a mustache and military cut.

It does not mean that he does not have good moments, but that these falls almost exclusively on the touch that Carrey gives them with his performance, while the costumes almost play against him.

In a sense, the film serves as Mr. Eggman’s origin story, because in the process we see how he goes from being an agent of the United States government to the perverse mortal enemy of Sonic. Faced with the message of friendship and empathy that the blue hedgehog represents, Dr. Robotnik is an example of misanthropy and selfishness. Both are cartoons of what they represent, and each one gets what he deserves (or so we believe). In that measure, the film manages to be fun and almost instructive without reaching proselytism.

The dubbing of Mario Castañeda was also something we needed so that Jim Carrey did not stay mocho. It was certainly a relief to have him back playing one of his lifelong actors, and all we can say is that he does it flawlessly.

The whole experience of Mr. Castañeda shines in every line that comes from the mouth of Dr. Robotnik and feels like a voice that whispers the best notes of The Mask and The Truman Show.

Sonic communicates

When we learned that Luisito Comunica was going to make the voice in Spanish of Sonic many put the face of a genuine “what?”. Fans (as all fandom would have done) immediately became fierce against the Youtuber, asking those previous dubbing actors who had made the hedgehog’s voice return for the movie. Others prefer to wait to see how the pimpollo did it and, in fact, it was not bad.

Although this is Luisito’s first dubbing paper, he knows how to take advantage of his best resources, although in some cases he seems to hide his flaws. Luisito as Sonic really shines when he expresses certain emotions like joy or enthusiasm, and we believe and empathize with the hedgehog. On the other hand, there are other moments when we cannot stop listening to YouTube trying to be Sonic at all costs, especially in sad or tense moments.

The Good

  • They listened to the fans and the new Sonic is beautiful.
  • He knows what it is and does not abuse the character or the story.
  • If I were a child I would have loved her instantly, like many children.
  • Jim Carrey is back.
  • The bar scene.
  • There will be a sequel.

The Bad

  • The fandom may not be happy (surprise!).
  • There are a few reasons to see her again.
  • At times it is frivolous.
  • Some jokes of … Uber?


Sonic is an extremely popular character and there is no doubt that many children will love the movie. In general, it is an adaptation that is enjoyed and knows what it is. It is not the most ambitious, but puts in place the three decades of Sonic and says: “Let’s make a decent movie.” Sonic the Hedgehog proves that video game-based movies have a future.

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