The 23rd season of ‘South Park’ finished as the top-rated comedy on cable for the seventh consecutive year, and according to Comedy Central, viewers watched a staggering 30 billion minutes of the long-running series on linear TV in 2019.

That figure, which includes first-run episodes and repeats, jumped by 36 percent over 2018 and is the equivalent of more than 57,000 years.

Now, that doesn’t even include streaming. The ViacomCBS network says season 23, which wrapped December 11, drove 113 million views on digital and social platforms, up 53 percent from season 22.

For season 23, ‘South Park’ averaged 1.4 million viewers per episode, including three days of delayed viewing. The 30 billion minutes of viewing this year on Comedy Central likely puts ‘South Park’ in the upper echelons of viewing.

In 2018, Netflix users watched 32.6 billion minutes of ‘Friends’ and 52 billion minutes of ‘The Office.