Steven Universe: The Movie – Review

Steven Universe: The Movie Release Date
Steven Universe: The Movie Review

Steven Universe: The Movie picks up two years after the events of the fifth season of the TV series, with Homeworld now on the side of good, and the empire dismantled.

So how does the movie fare, given that the core premise of the franchise seems to have been solved?

Steven Universe is largely about embracing, accepting, and celebrating change, so obviously, there had to be a time skip. And much has changed for Steven, the Gems, and Beach City, and all of it seemingly for the better.

That is until the film’s mysterious villain shows up to wreck Steven’s happily ever after. There is so much love in every frame, every note, that it’s hard to not spoil it for everyone right here and now.

It’s a reprise that reminds viewers why they fell in love with the show in the first place, while also hammering home, again and again, that change is essential to growth. And life without change isn’t any life at all.

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There’s more Steven coming as Cartoon Network has confirmed as much previously, but what that looks like remains to be seen. The film does set a new status quo. But it also recommits to its core tenets, love is powerful, compassion is a show of strength. And change is often to be celebrated.

Whatever comes next, it’s with these three things in mind. Steven Universe: The Movie is an incredible work of art that combines eclectic, amazing musical numbers, with striking illustrations, and breathtaking animation to outdo anything the franchise has attempted before.

There’s nothing quite like it out there. And the film happily plays to its unique strengths to leave you vibrating on an existential level. I give Steven Universe: The Movie 5 out of 5 stars.