PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will allow to create the greatest worlds ever seen

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are the menu item in the world of video games that everyone wants to try, although it is still simmering. It is true that Microsoft is more active and has already offered some official details of its next console, while Sony continues to remain silent about it.

For now, we must continue waiting to know when new information will be produced, although developers who already work with them believe that a new environment of possibilities will be opened to create great worlds.

This is taken from an article published by IGN colleagues in which they have had the opportunity to speak with a group of developers who have already had access to the kits of both consoles, offering their impressions on them.

“The increase in the power and speed of consoles like Xbox Series X will mean worlds much larger than we have seen before, and in greater detail, ” said Elijah Freeman, vice president of Virtuos. «You can also move around them much faster, either driving in a high-speed car or flying in a dragon, without loading screens». Undoubtedly, a very promising bet for open-world games that come from here on out.

The capabilities of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X promise a generation that makes a much greater leap than what has happened in this and has already anticipated several times that it will be in the open worlds where a more significant change is experienced thanks to the new technologies that will show the new consoles of Sony and Microsoft.


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