The Reason Why JFK Jr. Never Cheated On Wife Carolyn Bessette, New Biography Claims

JFK Jr. Carolyn Bessette
JFK Jr. Carolyn Bessette

JFK Jr. Never Cheated On Carolyn Bessette, According To New Biography. Although their marriage struggled under the spotlight the late lawyer remained faithful to his wife, a new book argues in an excerpt from “America’s reluctant prince,” published by People.

Historian Stephen m. Gillon writes that while,

“it’s impossible to know” “it appears unlikely that John was having an affair” “he confessed to friends, ‘i wish I could cheat on her,'” Gillon adds.

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But the lessons he learned from his dad kept him from ever straying too far, The author writes,

“He did not want to humiliate Carolyn,”

“The way his father had done to his mother”

Hinting at the president’s long-rumored string of infidelities according to Gillon who Befriended JFK Jr. while at brown university. It bothered the first son “to learn how much his father had disrespected his mother” JFK Jr. and Carolyn both died on July 16, 1999.

When their plane crashed on the way to cousin Rory Kennedy’s wedding.

During their 2-year marriage, the couple faced their share of struggles and Carolyn “had a difficult time adjusting” to her husband’s level of fame.”John believed once he got married, the press would leave him alone,” Gillon tells people “he’d no longer be America’s most eligible bachelor. he’d be another married guy” “and just the opposite happened”.