Top 10 Easter Eggs You Missed In Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Top 10 Easter Eggs You Missed In Godzilla King of the Monsters

Warning: SPOILERS for Godzilla: King of the Monsters

The second trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters is here and it features the monsters you know and loves from the Godzilla series In the very beginning we see Madison Russell played by Millie Bobby Brown sending out a distress call trying to reach Monarch the scientific international organization that tracks the titans in the movie.

The Monarch organization even has its own website where you can see a snapshot of the earth and where exactly the last known sightings of each of the Titans have been along with a tracker on Godzilla himself.

Following that we see people running down the street and get an awesome easter egg of Rodan flying overhead With the second easter egg of Rodan emerging from a volcano after we hear an unknown voice on the radio saying everything is burning, is anyone out there. The volcano scene as quick as it is, shouldn’t be skipped over.

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The last time we saw Rodan emerging from a volcano was when it first appeared in Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster way back in 1964. Yeah that’s right we remember you Rodan and in that film, the monster broke out of the crust of the volcano and started fighting Godzilla.

However, In that film though Rodan came to the assistance of Godzilla when Mothra convinced the two that they needed to team up if they wanted to take down King Ghidorah. Which seems like what will be happening in this movie as well.


As we see this crab-like looking monster emerges from the sand near what appears to be an oil site we can assume that this is an easter egg for the monster Ebirah.Judging by the number of legs we see popping out of the ground and the way the skin of the titan looks makes us pretty sure that its Ebirah.

Typically Ebirah was the protector of Litchi Island in the South Pacific that would emerge from the depths to take down any ship that came
close to the island. However, in Godzilla Final Wars where all of the monsters simultaneously attack major cities around the globe, we see Ebirah attacking Tokai on land.

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So with that appearance of the sea monster in the land-based attack, it’s not too far off to assume that in the trailer this is the titan we see quickly emerging yet again. Or it could be a whole new monster we haven’t even met yet. I’m open to that possibility as well.

Yet again we get a look at another monster not fully displaying itself, but still is a hidden easter egg as to a titan we will get the opportunity to meet in the movie. With a scene that looks like a mountain is standing up, it can’t be anyone other than Anguirus.

Which just so happens to be the first enemy that Godzilla ever fought way back in the 1955 film. With its spiky back, it could easily camouflage itself into the mountains we see it emerging from. In the past the monster has helped Godzilla take out Ghidorah, but who knows with their history we may see a little resistance before it helps again.

godzilla king of the monsters 2

Another quick easter egg nod here is where we see the Monarch ships looking like they are traveling through an underwater tunnel way. This could be pointing to the hollow Earth theory that was suggested in Kong Skull Island by the character William Randa.

Which is a theory that suggests the Earth has a number of pockets under the crust which is where the monsters have been hiding? It also provides them with many entryways to the surface level. I E the volcano that we saw Rodan coming out of. With that easter egg in the trailer, we hope that the Monarch team will be exploring this theory a little further.

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Next up appearing in the trailer is Mothra who has famously been there to protect the Earth from attacks and its appearance couldn’t go smoother with the narration saying Which of these titans are here to protect us and which of them are here to threaten us. Mothra first appeared in 1964 in Mothra vs Godzilla which is the only time that we’ve seen her fighting against Godzilla.

Since then even Monarch has named her Queen of the monsters And with that Dunkin Donuts sign crashing to the ground the trailer gives a nice little easter egg to the New York Yankees fans out there drooling as they see Bostons treasured Fenway Park being absolutely demolished by none other than King Ghidorah himself.

Since mentioning the Joker to Godzillas Batman lets check out some of those sweet sweet King Ghidorah easter eggs. First off if we jump back to the start of the trailer we see a monarch ship flying over Capitol Hill that is being completely destroyed and off in the distance you can make out the shadow of Ghidorah along with those bursts of yellow lighting in the sky.

Those yellow bursts of lighting act almost like a calling card for the monster’s destruction, a way to let anyone coming to stop it know they’re in trouble.

Next easter egg has to be the human villain of the film looking onwards to a frozen Ghidorah. Which could be the moment we see them either observing the monster and then setting it free to wreak havoc on the world.