The new Morbius film is on its way, leaving many fans of the MCU and of Spider-Man to inquire just who is Morbius. After all, if you are not knee-deep in the Spider-Man comics, you may now know of this character just yet.

To give you a bit more of a reason to take note of him, besides Jared Leto, which honestly might not be helping the character right now, we’d like to tell you more about just how awesome he is.

Now, if you are a huge vampire fan like myself, you might have some guesses as to what kind of powers to expect from this Living Vampire. Fangs, super strength, super speed, maybe some healing. But keep in mind that just cause you know vampires does not mean you know Morbius and his skillset just yet. In this list, I’ll also be pointing out some differences between our Living vampire and well the undead kind of vampire.

10Enhanced Stamina

Many people think of superhuman strength and superhuman speed when it comes to vampires, but something that they may forget about in Morbius’ case is his endurance. Not only can Morbius go hard Morbiuand goes fast but he can also play the longevity game.

Due to his enhanced physiology, he can give it his all for a prolonged period of time in battle before his body will start to tire and give up on him. This also likely has to do with him being somewhat undead and his body not taking as much damage when it comes to exerting himself.

Most people when they exercise or perform intense physical labor feel sore because they are in essence exhausting and tearing their muscles which later allows them to build up. I would wager that as undead your muscles are either more resilient or flexible to this
type of exertion.


While there are many ways that scientific vampires like Morbius and classic folklore
vampires like Dracula seem to differ in the comics, this doesn’t appear to be one of them. Morbius can hypnotize people into doing things, thinking things and even fearing him.

But although you might think that makes him a telepath it doesn’t. I mean you could interpret it that way but Morbius needs something specific in order to make this power work.

Eye contact. Which is more in line with traditional folklore when it comes to vampires mesmerizing or hypnotizing their victims.

8Psi Glide

Once again, this is a power that almost seems to be a combination of something you’d see in a traditional comic book with that of a traditional vampire. Most vampires fly and yet heroes with telekinesis or energy manipulation can sometimes use their psionic powers to levitate, glide and in some cases fly.

Morbius seems to sit somewhere in the middle of all this super powerful stuff. He is a gracefully gliding and a superb jumper which sometimes gives him the appearance of flying.

But if you asked him to just float off the ground and start zooming around the sky like a bird or a bat, he would likely just raise an eyebrow at you. Like many people who you might ask to fly actually.

7Can Create Other Vampires

Michael’s transformation occurred based on a scientific process. He was attempting to cure himself of his rare blood disorder when one of his treatments accidentally changed him into a vampire.

You would think based on his origins that he must be lonely as perhaps the only vampire in Marvel, as though his transformation was merely a fluke. Because it kind of was! It happened by accident. This just isn’t true though.

Not only are there tons of other vampires in the Marvel Universe, including Dracula but Morbius himself can even sire new vampires. In fact, during a fight, he accidentally transformed Vic Slaughter into a vampire by biting him.


A power that we haven’t really seen used very much by Morbius since the 90s. Shapeshifting is a power that Morbius appears to have but it takes quite a bit out of him, unlike more traditional vampires who seem to be able to do this with ease, like Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

He’s been using this ability to turn to ooze to avoid devastating blows in fights and to alter his appearance. Though not as much transforming into a bat or bats plural as you’d expect from most classical vampires.

5Enhances Senses

Some vampires based in pop culture experience enhanced senses after undergoing their transformation. But Morbius is one the vampires that could be thrown in with the super sensitive.

I actually often think his enhanced senses might also have to do with his intolerance to light.
Mostly however it seems his sense of hearing, taste, and sense of smell that seems to come
into play more than anything.

He has been shown to hear enemies approaching even before Venom did. When it comes to tasting. He can taste things in your blood but can also taste things in the air. Like monsters. And his sensitive smell has allowed to him track down both people as well as traces of blood, similar to a shark.

4Resistant Superstitious Vampire Weaknesses

As a vampire born through science, Morbius is immune to most weaknesses that plague vampires. His one true weakness is blood. If he goes without it for a long time, it will make him weak and cause him to lose control and go into a feeding frenzy.

However, when it comes to mirrors, garlic, wooden stakes, crosses, holy water or any of the other traditional superstitious weaknesses, Morbius holds immunity.

Although he appears supernatural, his vampirism is based in science which protects him against the more typical vampire tropes. Even with sunlight, he is merely sensitive to it. It’s annoying to him and unpleasant but it won’t kill him by turning him to dust.


Of course, you would expect as a vampire that Morbius has fangs, and you’d be right. He does. He even sometimes uses them in fights and not just to feed off of other’s blood. But he also has claws too, retractable.

So while you might spot them sometimes in the comics, you might later wonder where they went. And that’s why. They protrude from his fingertips and have been shown to be sharp enough to easily cut flesh.

Especially being so close to his hands and fingers, that sounds like it might be an infection waiting to happen if Morbius forgets to wash his hands.


To say that Morbius has a healing factor is in some ways an understatement. He has actually used said healing factor not just to recover but to also come back from the brink of death itself.

Multiple times. Whenever Morbius dies in the comics, it’s like we’re reminded that he is known as the Living Vampire. As he often has a tendency to spring right back to life in rebuttal to what we assumed would be an undoubted death.

1Hollow Bones

A weird thing about Morbius, apparently his bones are hollow. This in and of itself grants him many powers. It helps him to be super fast and agile and also likely makes it easier for him to glide and jump so far.

It sounds like it would make him very fragile as well but I guess what his bones lack, his muscles make up for? Morbius can definitely take a hit but still pounce around the room quickly and dexterously. So I guess hollow bones for the win?

Sounds like it would be a painful part of the transformation to, especially if he wasn’t under an anesthetic.