Top 5 Best & 5 Worst Red Carpet Outfits 2019 Oscars

Best & Worst outfits 2019 Oscars
Best & Worst outfits 2019 Oscars

It’s a night of celebration for Hollywood realty, and Hollywood fans — watching on from home as the stars of the film industry walk down the red carpet in hopes of winning that sought after trophy.

Now, most dress to the nines. Wearing thousand dollar outfits — and ever more expensive jeweler. However, as some are shining, some are plunging, and landing themselves on the front page of people’s worst dressed list.

So today, we’re going to be listing off the 5 Best and the 5 Worst Red Carpet Outfits from the 2019 Oscars.

10 WORST – Sarah Paulson

Sarah Paulson

My Queen Sarah Paulson rarely fails me — so tonight was a shock to the system — as I’m sure you can all agree. Her dress is pink — but not a subtle pink — an aggressive pink that haunts your dreams and reminds you of the party dress your parents made you wear when you were ten.

The dress looks as though she sewed it together in the back of the car on the way to the show — perhaps she nabbed a passing balloon the journey over. Tearing it too shreds and putting it on.

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9 BEST – Henry Golding

Henry Golding

The first of the Crazy Rich Asians on our list, this actor stole the show for the gents. Sticking to classic Hollywood, and donning a vintage red carpet Tuxedo. Proving that the red carpet isn’t just about the women.

8 WORST – Gemma Chan

Gemma Chan

I hate to say this because Crazy Rich Asians were the film we all needed this year — but Gemma Chan missed the mark tonight. She looks beautiful, she does, but her dress is blinding to the eyes. Quite honestly, I still see aggressive shades of fluorescent pink. It’s burned into my irises. Not only that, but the ruffles make me doubt that we’re not currently in a Mary Queen of Scots film.

7 BEST – Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler

Amy can do no wrong in my eyes — and tonight she means business in her chic suit — donning even chicer ruffles. It’s an outfit that is subtle, yet noteworthy — it demands attention and gets it.

She proves that the Oscars shouldn’t always be about the most extravagant outfits that would only ever be worn on a night like tonight — but instead, she presents an outfit that even those sitting at home would likely wear — or wish to wear.

6 WORST – Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz

This physically hurts me. Weisz was phenomenal in The Favourite — but unfortunately, she took the spotlight off of the film, and instead onto this interesting, pleather-looking ensemble. It’s a damn shame, cos the rest of the dress is stunning — but the top piece is just baffling, to say the least.

5 BEST – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

I personally love the chic, classic Hollywood style Gaga is playing with. Tonight Gaga donned an Alexander McQueen dress paired with a giant Tiffany Diamond — making sure everyone knows tonight is about her.

4 WORST – Linda Cardellini

Linda Cardellini

What a goof she made tonight. It’s easy to find a redeeming quality in most outfits — but this one? Nope. I’m sorry, I just can’t find it. Instead, it just seems like Linda is gradually transforming into a giant flamingo throughout the course of the night.

3 BEST – Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

Quite honestly, even when Charlize Theron has a fashion faux-pas she still looks incredible. But on Hollywood’s biggest night — Theron knows how to get it done. Donning a sophisticated, form-fitting blue dress — with a tasteful amount of back showing.

To top it off, the very, VERY, expensive set of jewels she’s wearing just finishes off the entire ensemble. She is stunning, and chic, and will forever have a place in my heart.

2 WORST – Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves

I guess Kacey Musgraves is trying her best to rival Linda Cardellini for the best of the worst. Donning very similar ruffles — with a slightly lighter shade of pink. God bless. From The neck up she is stunning — absolutely beautiful. With a sleek, classic Hollywood hairstyle. Sadly, the dress takes all the attention away from her face — with our eyes aggressively
getting lost amongst the endless ruffles.

1 BEST – Billy Porter

Billy Porter

Pose star, Billy Porter stole the entire show tonight. Wearing both a tuxedo AND a dress — pairing the two as though they have always walked hand in hand, on the same body.

The dress swept across the red carpet so gracefully — while the slick upper tux looked suave and sophisticated. Porter’s 2019 look will go down in history — and will be tough to outdo. I mean — don’t even try — you never will top this.

Do you guys agree with our picks? Were there any that we missed?

Leave us all your thoughts and feelings in the comments down below.