Wesley Snipes showed the new Blade and surprised fans

Wesley Snipes showed the new Blade and surprised fans

Superhero fans were shown a new version of Blade instead of Wesley Snipes, who played this Marvel character in the original trilogy. It is expected that the new version of the hero will play the famous Mahershala Ali.

As it became known to themojjo.com, after Marvel officially announced that actor “Mahershala Ali” will play the new “Blade” in the Marvel cinema universe, fans immediately began to portray the actor in a new image, offering their vision. On new frames on the network, they showed Mahershal Ali in a recognizable Blade costume with red glasses and a black cloak. In addition, the artist had a hairstyle very similar to Wesley Snipe’s hairstyle to bring his appearance closer to the image from the original film trilogy. On the frames, you can also see some elements of the costume and armor of the new Blade and his sword for killing vampires.

The Blade performer in the films Blade, Blade 2 and Blade: Trinity, Wesley Snipes approved the choice of Mahershala Ali for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and hastened to reassure all fans who wanted to see Snipes return. At the same time, it is assumed that Wesley Snipes may also appear in the new film “Blade”, but already in the role of the main villain. Mahershala Ali is known to the audience for his roles in such films as Alita: Battle Angel, Green Book, Moonlight and The Hunger Games.

The new film Blade was announced unusually early, and the picture is planned only for the Fifth Phase of the MCU, which will begin in 2022. In the fifth phase of the Marvel cinema universe, a large blockbuster Avengers 5 is also planned with an updated composition of Earth’s superheroes.


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