What If Sonic Had The Infinity Stones?

What If Sonic Had The Infinity Stones?

What if Sonic the Hedgehog had the Infinity Stones? Yes, this is a serious question. With the recent reveal of the Sonic the Hedgehog live action movie trailer, the blue blur has become the center of pop culture chit chat, especially for 90s kids who feel like Sega’s the goal is to ruin each and every millennials’ childhoods.

Join us as we yet again dive into hypothetical land and break down this absurd question. What if Sonic the Hedgehog had the infinity stones? We’re specifically talking about the Infinity Stones from Earth 199999, the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And we’re talking about the real Sonic here – video game version Sonic, not that creature of hell that has managed to use its tiny little fingernails to claw its way into the real world and hang out with James Marsden and traumatize us with classic 90s rap songs.


Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – no, not how terrible the Sonic live action movie trailer looks – we’re talking the chaos emeralds. The chaos emeralds are arguably the closest thing in Sonic’s universe to the Infinity Stones. They are seven ancient emeralds that are tied to the Master emerald – another powerful gem that can counter the abilities of the other seven.

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The Chaos Emeralds can do an assortment of things – initiate a super transformation, power machines, warp time and space, etc. Basically, they’re kind of like the Infinity Stones but arguably less powerful thanks to their vagueness and the fact that Sega has altered what they can do over the years depending on the game or television show.

One thing is consistent though – when Sonic collects all of them, he can transform into Super Sonic, one of his most powerful transformations. Kinda like if Sonic went super Saiyan. So really, the Infinity Stones would be a bit of an upgrade, arguably.

The kinds of things we’ve seen them do in the MCU are significantly more damaging than some of the things the chaos emeralds, or master emerald, has done in Sonic’s universe. But regardless, Sonic has proven he’s capable of withstanding extreme amounts of power, meaning if he were to get his hands on at least one of the Infinity Stones. He’d likely be able to wield its power without taking too much physical damage.

That being said, a being like the Hulk, a product of gamma radiation, still took significant damage from trying to use all 6, and Thanos, who, in his past, underwent extreme biological modifications in order to make him physically stronger, still suffered from some serious damage when using them.


Meaning, if Sonic were to get all of the stones and wanted to do something big, like snap 50% of all living things in the universe out of existence, there’s a decent chance that could kill the blue blur. And really, if he wants to get rid of 50% of all living things. He could just force everyone to watch the Sonic the Hedgehog movie on repeat and I’m sure that’ll do the trick.

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Jokes aside, if Sonic had the infinity stones, considering his good-hearted nature. There’s a next to none chance the hero would do anything really devastating. If anything, he’d likely use the power for good, putting an end to some of the threats that have appeared in his universe by nullifying their supernatural powers or permanently changing them for the better – aka, Doctor Robotnik.

Imagine Sonic using the stones to make Robotnik good? That’d be wild. But, as Adam Warlock said in the comics, having that kind of power at your fingertips will corrupt even the strongest of will – hence why after the Infinity Gauntlet series, when he had all of the stones and the gauntlet in his possession. He gave them up, having already felt the effects of that power corrupting him.

So who’s to say that Sonic wouldn’t be corrupted as well? Say sonic used the stones to protect all of Mobius. Aside from ridding the universe of threats, what’s the one thing that Sonic always does in his games?

He saves little defenseless forest creatures. The theme of nature versus technology is consistently within his games, or at least, is prominent in the original 90s Sega Genesis titles. So if Sonic were to get his mitts on the infinity stones. It seems likely that’d he want to prevent environmental disasters and help fix the earth, putting an end to global warming. He’d fix the planet.

Sonic the Hedgehog

And if he got corrupted, he could very well become like Thanos, snapping massive populations out of existence in order to save the planet and maintain the resources that we have. Aside from grander purposes, other things that Sonic would likely do with the stones is give himself an unlimited stockpile of Chili Dogs. An endless sea of chili dogs.

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And, if Sonic were to acquire the stones in the MCU, and he was a more realistic sonic. Maybe his version of the snap would be to make everyone in the galaxy accepting of furries. And, if this were to take place in our world, you bet your ass Sonic would use the stones to write that upcoming feature film out of existence.

Or at least do something to make his on-screen representation look a little less like an athletic 14-year-old female gymnast and more like a hedgehog. After the blue blur’s wildest dreams have been made a reality, what would he do then? If not corrupted by power, realistically, Sonic would likely hand the gauntlet off to Tails, who then would build something to keep the item protected and stored.

If the power of the stones didn’t corrupt Sonic, he’d want to keep it safe and out of the hands of anyone who could potentially use it to destroy Mobius.

Either that or he’d heard the stones and become the supreme ruler of Mobius, turning himself into a blue version of the Mad King from Game of Thrones who, instead of repeating burn them all, repeats gotta go fast over and over and over again while senselessly killing people he thinks will try to kill him for the stones.

That took a weird turn, didn’t it? What do you think would happen if Sonic got the infinity stones?